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  • And after that he came every Friday and stayed an hour.
  • It is now Friday, and the parcel has not been delivered.
  • That was Friday, and the school term had closed that day.
  • It was Friday, and a lovely, bright day.
  • Can we scrub Friday and lay the carpet Saturday?
  • It was Friday, and Hilda was lunching.
  • The day was Friday and the fish-stalls were doing a lively business.
  • We have fed him for charity; it is Friday and we have given him beans.
  • He came to see me only last Friday and told me all about his romantic marriage.
  • Edgar will be at home on Friday, and this is Wednesday morning.
  • We got there on Friday and remained until the Saturday week following.
  • You'll have that key back by Friday, and all your spoons'll be in the box.
  • Friday and Eliot Leithgow collapsed into inert heaps, asleep immediately.
  • He turned his head and took in Friday and Sako, standing near-by.
  • I shall be at Mons on Friday, and on Sunday at Aix-la-Chapelle.

How To Use Friday And In A Sentence?

  • It was Friday, and still not far past noon, when they reached their lodging by the cross.
  • Men will not indefinitely draw their pay on a Friday and drink half of it by Sunday night.
  • Hesse fought the Count on Friday, and was dangerously wounded at the first fire.
  • Friday and the Master Scientist followed his startled gaze, and they too gaped in wonder.
  • Nothing was done on Friday; and on Saturday afternoon the mining authorities met again in council.
  • They had sixty for dinner on Friday and Saturday and one hundred and twenty-five on Sabbath.
  • Last Friday and Saturday were spent in travelling to here from the Warrego River.
  • Before the Reformation these sacred plays were common on Good Friday and at Easter.
  • It was my birthday, a Good Friday, and on the same day I fell in love with my future wife.
  • A Friday and Saturday wind up the week; On Sunday we rest, and attempt to look meek.
  • Monday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday the days when I have mostly experienced occult phenomena.
  • Tom pitched to the batters on Friday, and the result proved that batting practice was far from being a waste of time.
  • It is Friday, and after the hour of prayer all grown men must attend the review on the plain without the city.
  • It fell on a Good Friday, and its celebration can scarcely be recalled without both smiles and tears.
  • The examination lasted from the beginning of the week until Friday, and the May races began on that day.
  • It was Friday, and school would close that afternoon, and for two blessed, blissful weeks there would be no session at all.
  • He had no military ability, and his troops were driven back with great slaughter, both on Friday and Saturday.
  • After you," he said, and waited until Friday and the Hawk passed first through the door.
  • The "programmes" of these bodies were held in the auditorium every other Friday, and each pupil was due for at least one performance a semester.
  • You will become circumcised like us; you will bind yourself to sleep with one of your wives every Friday, and to give two and a half per cent.
  • The action took place on Friday and the ships were headed for Brest, about three days' sail away.
  • I told him it was Friday, and by his asking that, I knew he must have been so roughly handled that he had lost count of time.
  • This may be seen indeed from the comments of the only three English papers of last Friday and Saturday that noticed it.
  • He arrived on Friday, and then, for the first time, Samuel began to suspect the true state of affairs.
  • On that year the season was held more than commonly sacred, for Good Friday and the Annunciation fell on the same day.
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