Friend Who In A Sentence

How To Use Friend Who In A Sentence?

  • Molly was only too delighted to be of service to the friend who had done so much for her.
  • John thought at first that he had lent it to a friend who had never returned it.
  • All the while he had written to his sweetheart in the care of a friend who proved false.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Friend Who | Friend Who Sentence

  • And she has a friend who is almost as young as she is.
  • Happy the friend who knows him for one!
  • But there was one friend who did not falter.
  • A friend who belongs to our tribe is here.
  • He never had a friend who was not welcome to his purse.
  • He was a friend who would fight for him if necessary.
  • I hav a friend who iz a projektor.
  • Had you no friend who could have asked this in your stead?
  • Could she be going to see some friend who was dying?
  • Our friend who sold us the corn and hogs.
  • The friend who would help is thrust aside.
  • I had another friend who lived near us.
  • I have a little friend who has done a good deal for me.
  • It was my little friend, who had crept in noiselessly.
  • He had a friend who would open another chapel nearer.
  • Well, friend, who do you come from?
  • I had a friend who used to go to one of the high schools.
  • He wrote on behalf of his friend, who was ill.
  • A friend who understood her, and whom she could understand.
  • I had been to see a friend, who was also souffrante.
  • She looked across at her friend, who smiled back at her.
  • To one friend who met him, he made himself known.
  • He has told a lie on my friend, who saved my life.
  • False friend, who then would dress thy food like me?
  • She belongs to a friend who owes me a little due, see?
  • I have a friend who has a large Sabbath-school.
  • What shall I say to my friend who is an atheist?
  • Merope, friend, who dwelt with Polybus.
  • He has with him a friend who joins in carrying out the test.
  • Here's a friend who will not put me by.
  • I was thinking than of a dear friend who once talked to me of that cottage.
  • Tell me about your reverend friend who was so daffy on the subject of pockets.
  • Which I Dedicate to the Friend Who Asked for it.
  • I have a mechanic friend who is ideally suited for the purpose.
  • He and the friend who went with him have performed a great work.
  • He is thinking of the future of the friend who sits opposite.
  • I went down to the room of a friend, who was on the same staircase.
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