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  • Here he that shook the frighted world arose.
  • They fled like frighted dows, man!
  • The frighted birds, the rattling branches shun.
  • They say, he was frighted last Night.
  • She was that frighted she skirled out and well nigh fainted off.
  • She cared not that Phoenix, frighted by the shouting, had begun to wail.
  • Don Melchor! is it you, my love, that have frighted Aurelia so terribly?
  • Their echoes o'er, again Peace, haply frighted thence, your bosom visits.
  • And maybe all this while I am but a child frighted with bogles," said I.

How To Use Frighted In A Sentence?

  • The beast being frighted when we all were out of the shay, overturned and broke it.
  • A furtive frighted look hung ever in his face, a fugitive air about his whole person.
  • I have already had seven cups to-day, and feel frighted lest we should some of us be killed with so strange an abuse of it.
  • I lived in continual terrour, frighted by every noise at the door, and terrified at the approach of every step quicker than common.
  • What, what shall the merest of manhood quicken In geese gregarious, panic-stricken Like frighted fish in the river.

Definition of Frighted

simple past tense and past participle of fright
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