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  • Selina frightens her.
  • Perhaps it frightens them.
  • What is it that so frightens thee?
  • It almost frightens him.
  • It almost frightens me.
  • The title frightens me.
  • Neither lures nor frightens me.
  • Your luck frightens me.
  • Only it frightens poor mammy so.
  • Is it the noise of the grotto that frightens you?
  • Their silence frightens me more than anything.
  • It frightens me to have him losing at cards and drinking.
  • It frightens me, sometimes.
  • The name "didactic apparatus" frightens me.
  • To tell you the truth, though, he rather frightens me.
  • It frightens me, Mr. Anthony, it frightens me.
  • Day and night this river fascinates me and almost frightens me.
  • It is so dreadful to misunderstand; nothing frightens me so much.
  • Poor darling, she has no mother; and the thought of marrying frightens her.
  • It frightens people away, and prevents others from coming in to settle.
  • Truly, as for me, his mother, he frightens me when he talks.
  • There's no hurry; he won't come down unless our noise frightens him.
  • It frightens me to think that Phillips has been lying low for so long.
  • The thought of the thing frightens me," I said.
  • Oh, it's mamma that frightens you, I see.
  • All right; I won't say it again if it frightens the children.
  • It frightens me so,' pleaded Margarita, for she saw the dolor coming.

How To Use Frightens In A Sentence?

  • We cannot stop now, even though it frightens us that we are alone in our knowledge.
  • Turtle plants sharp shells around the tree and then frightens monkey which falls and is killed.
  • He frightens me, because he can twist me round his finger and make me care so ... and it hurts....
  • The warriors have learned of the strength of the Big Buffalo, and his name frightens them.
  • And then there's something about her dark beautiful eyes that frightens me rather.
  • She returns after supper; an irregularity that frightens me, who have not yet got rid of all my barbarisms.
  • When a pony sees that this has been done he will never run away, unless perhaps something frightens him very much.
  • You go about like one of them church-yard vaporations that melts in thin air and frightens children in the dead of night.
  • It often frightens the colt when he feels the girth binding him, and making the saddle fit tight on his back.
  • Religion frightens but a few pusillanimous minds, whose weakness of character already renders them little to be dreaded by their fellow-citizens.
  • Ferdinand would be furious if I did not obey the etiquette he prescribes for his wife; he frightens me.
  • The Magyars affirm that they can exorcise and recall the evil spirits, and this frightens the people, so that you never see a cheerful face.
  • Confederacy, chief of the Six Nations, once so powerful for mischief, and now a mere name that frightens no one.

Definition of Frightens

Third-person singular simple present indicative form of frighten
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