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  • The frills of the devil!
  • Those pink frills are his.
  • It is free from frills and furbelows.
  • The frills add to the ignominy.
  • How sweet the frills of her night-gown were.
  • She was very slight, and affected frills to conceal it.
  • Not that Edgar put on any frills about it.
  • Amuse the child with her frills and finery while I dress.
  • All our civilization has taught her that pink frills were the thing.
  • It was made with a short skirt trimmed with little frills of the same.
  • Soiled frills or unmended hose must have originated this vulgarity!
  • She had discarded frills and furbelows and wore a warm gray wrapper.
  • Just order the usual things for us and any kind of frills you care for.
  • They indulged in pastel shades and frills which were used in fantastic ways.
  • She wore a red silk gown with a good many frills about the shoulders.
  • Her night-cap had large frills which partly encircled her wide face.
  • Let anybody that wants to put on any frills about plantin' 'em.
  • Now, come, my dear little girl, don't put on any more frills with me.
  • I mean PRETTY pink dresses, all fixed up with frills and furbelows?

How To Use Frills In A Sentence?

  • Long since it had ceased to operate such frills as sleeping-cars or parlor-cars.
  • She caught up a litter of dainty pink frills in the making, clearing a chair for him.
  • When I knew him he was a young man without frills or foibles, with an excellent head for business.
  • Haven't you any dress with frills and fal-lals, such as the ladies are wearing now?
  • She was dressed in a tight bathing dress and not in the clumsy skirts and frills that it was the custom to inflict on women in those days.
  • Her white blouse had the little frills at neck and wrists and around her throat was the gold locket on its black ribbon.
  • She wears a white lace cap adorned with many frills and tied under her small wooden chin with pink ribbons.
  • He was in his shirt-sleeves, with his cambric frills breaking through his open red satin long-flapped vest.
  • She was dressed in violet silk, and as she persisted in keeping her head down, her face was hidden by the frills of her bonnet.
  • The sleeves end with delicate filmy frills at the wrist, and she gracefully holds in her hand a couple of beautiful pink roses.
  • She had on her walking suit, whatever frills she might have discovered upstairs, and she looked ready for outdoor enterprise.
  • She was all dressed up with several long strings of pearls and a long dress of medium golden-brown shades with lacy white frills and a high collar.
  • His waistcoat of cloth of gold had frills of rich lace at the front, according to the general fashion of the day, and also at the wrists.
  • When she had left, Grace surveyed her elaborate white toilette and thought her lace frills too numerous.
  • You know the kind: pretty nigh old enough to be a coal-barge, but all rigged up with bunting and frills like a yacht.
  • May wore something white and fluffy, with frills and flounces and blue ribbons, and her brown curls were bound back by a snood of blue.
  • The kitchen door opened with a nervous creak and a wrinkled brown face, encircled by the frills of a muslin nightcap, peered cautiously in.
  • It was pleasant to be able to tell him the plain truth; no frills were needed with this man, if I read him rightly.
  • We spent a week with teams, ploughs, and scrapers, cutting the fringe and frills away from it, and reducing it to severe simplicity.
  • One of them was especially captivating, with fat blond curls, fat legs, blue silk socks and slippers, crisp frills and a broad blue hat.
  • For a woman goin' out as a sick-nuss or spiritual comforter to a chap kicked by a high-steppin' filly she certainly had a supply of frills and ruffles.

Definition of Frills

plural of frill
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