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  • They never frisked about in the pasture.
  • It frisked along the quay.
  • Has frisked beneath the burden of three score.
  • Relieved of the thorn, the little animal frisked about, limping but slightly.
  • As I dropped my hand from the wall the devil frisked in me again.
  • Long-suffering Uncle August frisked about in a most remarkable costume.
  • Maybe one of the freshmen frisked it off you," he added, looking at Andy.

How To Use Frisked In A Sentence?

  • He had frisked into the sitting-room, and was now standing there: perfectly winded.
  • Little pairs toddled gravely through the figures, or frisked promiscuously in a grand conglomeration of arms and legs.
  • Philip was glad to be out of the car, and he frisked ahead, barking and trying to tempt some one to run a race with him.
  • Instinctively proud of her beauty, she hated the slightest covering, and ran and frisked about my house with daring and unconscious immodesty.
  • The Lap-dog was a great favorite with his master, and he frisked and jumped about him in a manner pleasant to see.
  • At eight o'clock they started, accompanied by Duk, who frisked and gambolled with delight.
  • When all was in readiness the Story Girl brought her pet through the orchard where he had so often frisked and prowled.
  • He frisked about the meadow, now here, now there, making sprightly leaps, with as little effort as a bird expends in hopping from twig to twig.
  • With the Farmer came his Lapdog, who danced about and licked his hand and frisked about as happy as could be.
  • She frisked and gamboled about the house and grounds as free and joyous as the squirrels in the woods, and without a thought or suspicion that any thing but happiness was in store for her.
  • Jackal meanwhile finding the cubs indisposed for sleep, led them out to the door of the den, where they frisked and gambolled about with all the liveliness of cubhood.
  • Then the sportive animal frisked over the low back fence and across the hill, occasionally stepping on a released end of the surplice and angrily tearing her way through the garment.
  • That same kindly eye, one glance of which we all loved so much to catch in after-life, beamed only the more warmly as the creatures frisked in greater confidence around him.
  • Meanwhile, on this same evening, the little Mara frisked like a household fairy round the hearth of Zephaniah Pennel.

Definition of Frisked

simple past tense and past participle of frisk
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