Frizzle In A Sentence

Definition of Frizzle

(transitive) To fry something until crisp and curled. | (transitive) To scorch. | (intransitive) To fry noisily, sizzle.

How To Use Frizzle In A Sentence?

  • A tank might carry a new kind of gas or a burning liquid to cook or frizzle the adversary.
  • Ye kin curse like an Androscoggin lumber jack, but y'ain't goin' to frizzle a single hair on a bear's hide.
  • Thus, before the principal dishes had even begun to frizzle in the distant kitchens, the revellers were under the illusion that the entire supper was waiting just outside the door.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Frizzle | Frizzle Sentence

  • It was as necessary for one to frizzle as to be frizzled.

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