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  • Yeah, I would begin frizzling round if I was you.

How To Use Frizzling In A Sentence?

  • He was dressed by nine, and had sat for two hours gloating over the prospect of steaming coffee and frizzling bacon.
  • In another moment a dozen marshmallows were frizzling over the gas-jets, while the student lamp did duty for several more.
  • It was a sweet-milk pancake, and there it lay in the pan bubbling and frizzling so thick and good, it was a sight for sore eyes to look at.
  • There was a rattling beneath the grate-bars and an overpowering wave of heat, in the midst of which the man stood bowed, with thin garments scorching and his hair frizzling visibly.

Definition of Frizzling

present participle of frizzle
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