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  • The will from its moorings and its course.
  • Smoke came from its chimneys.
  • That had wandered from its track.
  • It was a political scandal from its birth.
  • And she drew her violin from its case.
  • A bull is separated from its companions.
  • The tiger broke from its cage.
  • His mouth uncurled from its gravity.
  • Finality and stability are absent from its councils.
  • Monarchy rallied from its momentary depression.
  • The persons excluded from its exercise.
  • And she detached it from its chain and handed it to him.
  • He took it from its cage on his finger.
  • She had nothing to gain from its conclusion.
  • Soul from its husk ...
  • Humanity is unhygienic from its very nature and beginning.
  • The pistol sank from its position.
  • The mind from its rare element?
  • Penny snatched the receiver from its hook.
  • Not one of them was moved from its place.
  • A flower from its cerulean wall.
  • From its theologians and its pulpits not one!
  • Suddenly he drew his revolver from its holster.
  • The hat was plucked from its head.
  • It was positively embarrassing from its novelty.
  • Once or twice it looked up from its occupation.
  • I have followed the matter from its source.
  • When should a child be weaned from its bottle?
  • Cries and protestations rose from its midst.
  • Gonaire leaped instantly from its sleep.
  • From its walls he was driven backward to defeat.
  • He had extracted the locket from its box by this time.
  • It was very different from its wonted soft beat.
  • There it blew up and a man emerged from its carcass.

How To Use From Its In A Sentence?

  • Please accept it as a gift from its late president.
  • Once again her mind rippled away from its center.
  • It flew from its scabbard as he leaped on the sailor.
  • Toward sundown the animal strayed from its tether.
  • Your nature is wrenched from its natural supports.
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