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  • Annersley had been a good man, a man who commanded affection and respect from most persons.
  • So different from most of the people who came hither to air their troubles, to seek assistance.
  • In one important respect England differs conspicuously from most other countries.
  • I do not suppose that in these points I was different from most other children of wealthy parents.
  • They were high enough up the rock, though, to be safe from most animals, so they hoped.
  • In addition, Soviet Russia is cut off from most of its sources of iron and of cotton.
  • From most of the privations cheerfully borne in Great Britain the Irishman had been equally free.
  • The kernels from the nuts from this tree were somewhat better than those from most of the other trees.
  • From other trees the fruit crop had only been partially harvested and none had been harvested from most of them.
  • Such patriotism seems to be free from most of the delusions of greatness that affect national consciousness.
  • I've had reasonable results from most otherwise regionally adapted cantaloupes and muskmelons.
  • Forestry differs from most professions in this, that it requires as much vigor of body as it does vigor of mind.
  • This right differs from most other rights of common in the characteristic that actual exercise of the right need not be proved.
  • Those adjectives smack of too much self-esteem and of a claim to be made of different clay from most of us.
  • I could hear from most of the negroes of three plantations, amounting in all to about six or eight hundred.
  • They differ from most of the elements so far studied in that they can act either as acid-forming or base-forming elements.
  • Unless they are very different from most people, this new joint enterprise is going to mean more to each of them than anything else ever can.
  • Cavalry regiments from most of the loyal States have been organized, and are now in camps of instruction.
  • Few, however, have seen it by torch or candle light, and in this respect we differ from most tourists.
  • Ye'll have a captain whose got more heart than head maybe, which is diff'rent from most captains who useter sail down here.
  • Still, the eyes of all were turned toward the table where a man, who differed widely in appearance from most of them, dealt out the cards.
  • I like to think of that family group, so different from most, and to admire that girl-wife teaching her husband the rudiments of education.
  • The boy had little or no use for the French family, which held itself a little aloof from most of the inhabitants of the district.
  • She was such a young little thing, they said, so ingenuous and interesting, so refined, so different from most actresses.
  • From most shops he was driven away, for the Shoreditch trader is not slow to judge the purpose of a loitering boy.
  • They also administered the sacrament in a different way from most other Churches, the person baptized being dipped in the water.
  • I met him once at the Sign of the Maple with my father, and he seemed to be so different from most men.
  • How was Christopher Dock's school different from most pioneer schools of that day?
  • They were excluded from most of the Churches in which during the last twenty years they had led so many souls to Christ.
  • Plant roots can generally get from most soils enough of the magnesium, calcium, iron, and sulphur to produce well developed plants.

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  • We are free from most of these.
  • From most of them he had won a deserved profit.
  • How does the poem differ from most short poems?
  • It was composed of delegates from most of the States.
  • He was built on different lines from most of his neighbours.
  • This verse is different in form from most that you have studied.
  • One didn't take such threats from most people seriously.
  • They differ from most others of the family in building domed nests.
  • From most of the termini, at least two coaches arrive and depart daily.
  • As I wandered, from most native houses came the invitation to enter and eat.
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