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How To Use From St In A Sentence?

  • They were moved thither from St. Clement's church.
  • There was a portion of a letter written in great haste from St. Louis.
  • Wurmser makes a sortie from St. Georges, but is driven back.
  • Every letter that comes from St. Cloud tells me you are always weeping.
  • The moat is fed by a stream from St. Andrew's well hard by.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For From St | From St Sentence

  • He came from St. Petersburg.
  • He had outsailed his rival from St. Helena.
  • An official has come from St. Petersburg.
  • Stories of chivalry retold from St. Nicholas.
  • Indian stories retold from St. Nicholas.
  • But, why came you back from St Sebastians?
  • Our holidays; retold from St. Nicholas.
  • Colonial stories; retold from St. Nicholas.
  • From St Francis to Dante.
  • Three thousand miles had been logged off, from St. Louis.
  • She's got a dozen bananas from St. John's!
  • Colonial stories retold from St. Nicholas, p. 62.
  • Colonial stories retold from St. Nicholas, p. 135.
  • He took steamer from St. Louis to Cincinnati.
  • The line from St. Trond to Hanut has been demolished.
  • You would be only five minutes' walk from St. Mary's.
  • I went to meet the train from St. Peter, due 11.40.
  • But from St. Patrick I received this deadly wound.
  • Ten miles from St. Eustace and thirteen miles from Ste.
  • Our answering Hell rolls eastward from St. Louis.
  • Later, a railway was built from St Thomas to Windsor.
  • But from St. George I received this bloody wound.
  • Yes, an Inspector from St. Petersburg, incognito.
  • Yet you're known from St. James's to Siam.
  • Blois, Capital from St. Nicholas, 84.
  • A "Voice from St. Helena" 147.
  • He wrote from St. Louis, 'on his way west,' he said.
  • Voyage from St. Louis to the Source of the Missouri.
  • From St. Croix, we had constantly steered to the S.S.W.
  • Yet we were not destined to escape thus easily from St. Ignace.
  • An organist arrived from St. Anselmo to accompany the chants.
  • And such a blast, of old, they blew, When southward from st.
  • An unexpected law-suit has called him back from St Sebastians.
  • Curious Fact in Natural History, &c., (from St. Lucia).
  • This failed of success because a counter-address came from St. Omer.
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