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How To Use Front Page In A Sentence?

  • It has a front-page illustration, which renders it very attractive in general distribution.
  • Curiously enough, on the front page the headline of a certain advertisement showed plainly.
  • With the courteous help of one of the deskmen, she remade the front page of the noon edition.
  • Snatching up one of the noon editions, still fresh with wet ink, he glanced at the front page.
  • But Miss Joy, clutching the front page of a newspaper, was gone, bareheaded, running, in the dusk.
  • He had opened it and found pictures on every page, and the front page was illuminated in the most brilliant colours.
  • Penny reached eagerly for one, noting instantly that her article appeared in good position on the front page.
  • He would be a front-page wonder for a day, then drop to paragraphs for a day or so more, and that would be the end of it.
  • The whole of the front page was taken up with an advertisement of somebody's Autumn sale.
  • If he shoots two or three people, you may give him the whole front page, and somebody will write a book about him.
  • Equally mechanically he unfolded it and glanced at front page; and, as he did do, a flaring explosion of headlines smote his eye.
  • I rose, and taking it up glanced casually at the front page, when I was confronted by a startling report.
  • All that was needed was for Metaxa to start banging on buttons and yelling something about tearing down the front page, whatever that meant.
  • Got to run off my paper to-morrow night; I'll pull some o' that plate off the front page and run this in a box.
  • On the front page she saw a picture of Percival Channing, with a notice of his new book, just published.
  • And a photograph of Mrs. Patterson Pomfret herself, in her victoria, occupied a generous portion of the front page.
  • On the front page she saw a queer story, dated at Albany: Mysterious guests at a hotel; how they had fought and fled in the early morning.
  • From the front page, surrounded by a barbarous conglomeration of headlines and uproarious type, there smiled happily forth a face of such appealing loveliness as no journalistic vulgarity could taint or profane.
  • No startling headlines such as we see now, but a continued novel among the advertisements on the front page and verses from some gifted lady of the town, signed Electra.
  • Led by General Groves and Oppenheimer, this widely publicized visit made Trinity front page news all over the country.
  • For the first time it occurred to her that her father's accident and subsequent disappearance would be regarded as front page news.
  • And his face and phrases were on the front page of all the newspapers just then, because he was contesting the safe seat of Sir Francis Verner in the great by-election in the west.
  • Let us look at the front page," and, turning the leaves, he pointed to a few lines printed in large letters, "Sedan, September 2, 8 p.m.
  • Rudolf Leonhard, who was caught up in the storm, wrote afterwards on the front page of his poems: "These were written during the madness of the first weeks.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Front Page | Front Page Sentence

  • The story appeared on the front page.
  • Glaring headlines occupied the front page.
  • A front page and a statement of facts.
  • He flipped open the newspaper and looked at the front page.
  • Unless we have our Note Book to begin on the front page.
  • There it was, the story of the whole thing on the front page.
  • Staffer glanced at the front page and then sat down near one of the lamps.
  • Tear the hide off the old paper and smear the story all over the front page.
  • Front-Page Frankie.
  • The Front Page of "The Friend" of April 4, 1900.
  • On the front page there are two Foreign crises and a Home one.
  • Reading mechanically the front page, I saw a poem, and started violently.
  • The story comes out next day with trimmin's on th' front page, an' I'm a hero.
  • They'll whoop your side issues into a scare-head front page!
  • Penny dropped a coin into the lad's hand and hastily scanned the front page.
  • The yarn that reporter had missed by a hair--front page, eight-column head!

Definition of Front Page

The first, and initially visible, page of a publication.
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