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  • By 1650 the frontiersmen had reached the Potomac.
  • The Frontiersmen Stand by Chickasaws.
  • The Frontiersmen Wish War.
  • The Frontiersmen Threaten the Spanish Regions.
  • The Frontiersmen Ask Permission to Retaliate.
  • Yet to the frontiersmen themselves the life was far from unattractive.
  • When the frontiersmen see what is coming, what do they do to escape?
  • The life among frontiersmen is apt to unfit a man for other work.
  • Protection of the frontiersmen from the Indians, by means of the army.
  • At this time the Scotch-Irish frontiersmen suddenly became prominent.

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  • The frontiersmen were slinging down their axes and swinging their guns across their shoulders.
  • Gathering a strong band of hardy frontiersmen he set out on his dangerous expedition.
  • The frontiersmen possessed every advantage of position, of numbers, and of temper.
  • The frontiersmen also wished war, and regarded the British and Indians with an equal hatred.
  • The Georgia frontiersmen openly showed their sullen hatred of the United States authorities.
  • Most of them were rough, stern frontiersmen from the Amoskeag Falls, skilled in Indian fighting.
  • The planters and frontiersmen sprang to arms and began to form a combination against these dangerous enemies.
  • The retreat was crowded with frontiersmen and traders, among whom he recognized many acquaintances.
  • The perfection of fighting capacity to which he had brought his forces caused much talk among the frontiersmen themselves.
  • Madison himself evidently saw nothing out of the way in this twofold motive of the frontiersmen for wishing the presence of an army.
  • But neither the white frontiersmen nor their red antagonists possessed "philosophic minds.
  • They continued at a fair pace along a trail that frontiersmen far less skillful than they could have followed.
  • But in the autumn there were a few depredations, which led the frontiersmen to believe that the whole invasion would begin again.
  • I don't say that there's not many frontiersmen who know the way of the woods as well as the redskins.
  • There was a good moonlight, but the watch was doubled, the most experienced frontiersmen being posted as sentinels.
  • The men who remained with Bacon were nearly all frontiersmen who had suffered more or less from the savages.
  • Once there he placed himself at the head of his army of enraged frontiersmen and marched rapidly on Jamestown.
  • The frontiersmen did not molest them in any way or trespass upon their lands; yet their ravages continued without cessation.
  • With the intoxicating odor of victory still in their nostrils, the hardy frontiersmen were as willing as ever for another combat.
  • For long we lacked, it is true, that new breed of frontiersmen born in after years beyond the mountains.
  • There was a few old frontiersmen like myself among 'em who did their best to stir 'em up, but it was no manner of good.
  • In the Southwest almost all that the Administration did was to prohibit the frontiersmen from protecting themselves.
  • Some of the greatest frontiersmen of the latter 'sixties and the 'seventies were trained in this service, either as pony riders or station men.
  • To the great camp-meetings the frontiersmen flocked from far and near, on foot, on horseback, and in wagons.
  • While in the actual presence of the Indians the stern necessities of border warfare forced the frontiersmen into a certain semblance of discipline.
  • No one but a man of great tact and firmness could have preserved as much order among the frontiersmen as Blount preserved.
  • Even the frontiersmen themselves put second to this the right to people the vast continent which lay between the Pacific and the Mississippi.
  • In one case, four frontiersmen dressed and painted themselves like Indians prior to starting on a foray to avenge the murder of a neighbor.
  • Those first frontiersmen had still a touch of the timidity of the Old World in their blood: they lacked the frontier heart.
  • It was greatly to the interest of the frontiersmen that their demands should be gratified, while other citizens had no very concrete concern in the matter one way or the other.

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plural of frontiersman
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