Frown In A Sentence

Definition of Frown

(intransitive) To have a frown on one's face. | (intransitive, figuratively) To manifest displeasure or disapprobation; to look with disfavour or threateningly. | (transitive) To repress or repel by expressing displeasure or disapproval; to rebuke with a look.

How To Use Frown In A Sentence?

  • The frown was still on his face as he looked up at the young priest before him.
  • He drew his eyebrows down in a frown and fiddled with his fingers on the wheel.
  • There was the slightest trace of a frown upon her face as she looked along the riverside.
  • He looked at her thoughtfully, while a frown drew his straight dark eyebrows together.
  • There was a heavy frown on his handsome young face, bitter discontent in his dark eyes.
  • As his eye glanced over the single page of disguised writing, a deeper frown grew on his brow.
  • Though the frown appeared pretty well fixed upon his face, it did not seem quite natural.
  • He was sitting near the window, with his arms crossed, and with a fierce frown upon his forehead.
  • Montague Maynard puckered his brows in a judicial frown quite unsuitable to his jovial features.
  • I take great pains about this; I walk much faster; I frown heavily and I look as pale as possible.
  • Already he had found that her frown can be mirth-provoking, and her smile of a sadness beyond description.
  • Leslie faced his interrogator squarely, a slight frown of intelligible annoyance contracting his brows.
  • Out from the shadow-mystery of her heavy lashes, she questioned the ultimate value of each frown or smile.
  • When they returned Harboro lifted her to her saddle with a lack of skill which brought a frown to her brows.
  • And she looked with a frown at this woman who could make Jonah forget his business instincts for a minute.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Frown | Frown Sentence

  • A frown had darkened his face.
  • And the smile and the frown are potential.
  • The shadow of a frown darkened her brow.
  • She used to frown so as not to show what she felt.
  • He turned away with a faint frown of perplexity.
  • Then he paused, a dubious frown between his eyes.
  • She found it on the instant, but the frown did not depart.
  • Grafton looked down on his plate, with a frown on his face.
  • A frown crossed his brow, and the face changed wholly.
  • There was such a frown on his brow as Ivy had never seen.
  • Vos Engo drew back, his face set in a frown of displeasure.
  • Drew's frown relaxed.
  • Her eyes dropped and there was a slight frown on her forehead.
  • His voice was sharp and a frown had gathered on his forehead.
  • Sandy's gloomy frown narrowed to a scowl.
  • A frown of irritation crossed the policeman's brow.
  • There was a distinct frown upon her forehead, her mouth was unrecognisable.
  • He noticed the others, and a slight frown flitted across his face.
  • The pale cheeks glowed, the frown trembled and cleared away.
  • As he drew nearer a frown of doubt crossed the girl's face.
  • A sulky frown settled on Lumley's face.
  • A slight frown had gathered on Fenella's forehead.
  • Sir Henry's frown grew a little deeper.
  • The crow's-foot wrinkles about his eyes deepened to a frown of inquiry.
  • And at that a frown passed over Jason's face in the darkness.

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