Frowning In A Sentence

Definition of Frowning

present participle of frown | The act of giving a frown.

How To Use Frowning In A Sentence?

  • He stood up, frowning down on the two in the road.
  • He drew down her hands, frowning with intense anxiety.
  • He stopped suddenly, frowning and gnawing at his pencil.
  • She looked at him steadily, frowning a little bit.
  • She was looking, with a frowning gravity, into the fire.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Frowning | Frowning Sentence

  • Nadine was frowning at him.
  • Pierre was frowning heavily.
  • Prime was frowning thoughtfully.
  • Pete was frowning prodigiously.
  • He considered her from under frowning eyes.
  • He was frowning in deadly earnestness now.
  • They seem to be frowning our way.
  • The boss was frowning thoughtfully.
  • Bull broke a second frowning pause.
  • He eyed me closely from under frowning brows.
  • Now what is the good of standing frowning at me like that?
  • Elihu bent a frowning brow upon her.
  • She left him frowning among his papers.
  • He cast a frowning glance at the photograph.
  • The frowning cliffs abandoned their threat.
  • He sat staring at her from under frowning brows.
  • He walked away frowning darkly.
  • For a moment he stood frowning at the floor.
  • Pinnacled high upon a frowning rock.
  • With frowning air she asked what he wanted.
  • Jean faced her, frowning a little.
  • The watch-tower of the grim and frowning castle.
  • Calhoun listened, frowning darkly.
  • Barrington sat down again, frowning at his impotence.
  • Ingolf sat in his high seat frowning and gloomy.
  • Mark turned round, frowning and scowling.
  • She nodded, frowning and biting her underlip.
  • Phil made no protest, but he was frowning heavily.
  • They blinked, frowning in the sudden light.
  • Westerling threw up his head, frowning down the objection.
  • She resisted him, smiling and frowning at the same time.
  • The crew cast frowning glances towards the shore.
  • John stood staring at her, frowning in his bewilderment.
  • He breaks away from her, frowning still.
  • Wyverne bit his lip, frowning slightly.

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