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  • Call it a frowsy fire.
  • The frowsy girl giggled.
  • She is never frowsy nor untidy nor lazy.
  • He kicked it open and went into the frowsy room.
  • A frowsy little servant opened the door.
  • The door opened, and a frowsy head appeared.
  • You know what frowsy means, I suppose.
  • Men had staggered by them, and women too, frowsy and besotted.
  • If they are tip-tilted and frowsy it may go a little bit hard with us.

How To Use Frowsy In A Sentence?

  • Wade was not in a frame of mind to see any picturesqueness in that frowsy crowd.
  • Neither had she made any attempt to bury her youth under the frowsy trappings of grief.
  • No shot could now be thrown away at frowsy turban or flaunting rag along the cliffs.
  • Twiddel rang the bell, and the frowsy little maid entered, carrying a letter on a tray.
  • Each of us has two or more blankets, which, I regret to say, are a trifle frowsy as a rule.
  • One table was surrounded by a boisterous group in the centre of which was a fat man in a frowsy wig.
  • For himself, he was more than content with the doubtful flock bed, with its frowsy patchwork quilt.
  • But hardly had my eyes lighted on the frowsy fixtures and appurtenances of the trade when there flashed into my mind a really luminous idea.
  • Then the tramp of feet commenced again, and once more a frowsy host of outcasts from the overcrowded lands poured into the depot.
  • Her hair was knotted untidily under a frowsy old bonnet, and a very thin shawl was bound across her ample breast.
  • The best christians sometimes have red noses, just as the jolliest literary folks have frowsy hair and abandoned hats.
  • Then her home is the bare dismal kitchen, with the inevitable deal table, frowsy cloth, and rickety chairs.
  • The woman who had done it (probably she had boys of her own on the crook) filled the entrance with her frowsy bulk, and the chase straggled past.
  • Stout, frowsy "tantas" and portly "ooms" strolled up with dignity or waddled laboriously through the sand.
  • Dr Pendle did so, but it was not a pretty object he contemplated, for the man was untidy, unwashed and frowsy in looks.
  • The Marchioness went by as we stood there, a bit of tattered shawl over her frowsy head, one stocking down around her shoetop.
  • It was uncarpeted, and its furniture consisted of a broken chair, a box on which stood an enamelled basin, and a bed which was covered with frowsy blankets.
  • Hetty was usually sympathetic, but the sight of the frowsy passengers and unwashed children wandering aimlessly round the station aroused in her a curious impatience that was tinged with disgust that hot afternoon.

Definition of Frowsy

Having a dingy, neglected, and scruffy appearance.
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