Fruiting In A Sentence

Definition of Fruiting

present participle of fruit | fruiting body | The act of producing fruit, seeds, or spores; fructification.

How To Use Fruiting In A Sentence?

  • Oranges, lemons, and shaddocks grow fairly well, and are fruiting all the year round.
  • This allows the air to penetrate the cheese and the mold to grow, the fruiting of which develops the characteristic flavor.
  • When the weather is not favourable at the fruiting stage, the otherwise hardy cotton plant displays its great weakness in this way.
  • The banana is a herbaceous plant, and after fruiting its top dies; but it annually sprouts up again fresh from the roots.
  • We do know now that some of the Carpathian seedlings have been fruiting for 10 or 12 years and do show considerable promise there.
  • A mature fir forest of the Pacific coast may have no small fruiting trees at all, and if left such are likely to be knocked down in logging.
  • He has two ceremonies annually, one ke'-eng and the other tot-o-lod'; both are to drive the birds and rats from the fruiting palay.
  • Carbonous, black, smooth, repeatedly dichotomously branched, the ultimate branches bearing ovate, acute fruiting bodies.
  • For weeding and thinning the sementeras of young palay and for watching the fruiting palay to drive away the birds, the only wage is these two meals.
  • Samples of nuts of every seedling fruiting were placed on paper plates, each population being by itself, and eight or ten nuts of each sample were cracked and left on the plate.
  • Wherever it will succeed, no other shade tree is so worthy of attention as the pecan, and in the fruiting area, beauty and healthful shade may be combined with utility.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Fruiting | Fruiting Sentence

  • So each fruiting tree is the mother of many young ones.
  • All oak trees bear acorns as soon as they come to fruiting age.
  • A. Neilson, were transplanted to the permanent fruiting positions.

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