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  • The sweet fruition of an earthly crown.
  • He saw the full fruition of his faith and charity, and was satisfied.
  • I have cherished the hope of reaching it, and the fruition is near at hand.
  • And so few of us may ever live to see the full fruition of our dreams.
  • Evidently the idea was ripening, and a near fruition could be anticipated.
  • I view its full fruition and see its heaped gold await the need of man!

How To Use Fruition In A Sentence?

  • They elevate and ennoble men by bringing to them the fruition of elevated and noble minds.
  • What a prophet was he who conceived it, and how quickly has come the fruition of his prophecy!
  • It was the old plan which had always proved abortive; could it be brought to fruition now?
  • His discoveries did not reach fruition until Impressionism, twenty years after his death.
  • In this thing America attains her full dignity and the full fruition of her great purpose.
  • Mrs. Darby, sure of the fruition of her plans now, was really becoming pettishly jealous to-night.
  • What could they know who laid the seed with Death Of this Divine fruition fixed and planned?
  • The world seemed instinct with fruition and the gathering of that which had been sown with toil and carefulness.
  • The earliest hierarchy is a dual classification of the gods into those who help and those who hinder the fruition of desire.
  • And sometimes he felt that he would forego the fruition of all his plans if only by some miracle his legs could be restored to him.
  • Its very perfection and full fruition were saddening, for that must inevitably be followed by decay.
  • The lad or the girl whom our organised life drives from this plane before reaching fruition has lost something.
  • I am denied the fruition of those glorious hopes which prompted me to distinguish myself by deeds deserving virtuous renown.
  • She told me she had never failed in the fruition of a single plan of hers, and she is too old to fail now.
  • She had accomplished the almost impossible achievement; yet to her had been denied the fullest fruition of her dreams.
  • She could but recall the past, and the long bitter years she herself had had before she enjoyed the fruition of her love.
  • Such homage he receives with graceful acquiescence, believing his recognition of it a sweet fruition to the fair adorers.
  • He would put down everything to save her, even now when the fruition of his hard-lived years was at hand.
  • And whatever the next life may be, it is but a continuation, a larger unfolding and fruition of this.
  • He had made an enormous sacrifice for love, and all in vain; the fruition of that love was denied him.
  • She had told him of her success in finding her mother and brother, and had received an answer congratulating her on the glad fruition of her hopes.
  • It was a kind of fruition of all that light and colour and passive delight that they should meet and take a path together, he at least was aware.
  • And the second was deeply rutted with sand, and those therein labored heavily with sweat and toil; the fruition was but for a day.
  • And if, in this moment of the fruition of his schemes, he felt his triumph, he masked it under a face of sombre purpose.
  • The character of the smiles, however, that wreathed the faces of her friends did not quite seem to give fruition to that hope.
  • This includes the representation and forms of worship of the unknown power which presides over the fruition of the Prayer or religious wish.
  • Although thus prominent and powerful, desire, so far as its fruition is pleasure, has expressed but the lowest emotions of the religious sentiment.
  • Nay, into what complete fruition have all these grown, simply in the neglect of home-culture, to say nothing of influences positively evil!
  • I took it in, sure that whether its fruition was granted or denied I should be a manlier man for having harbored it even for an hour.
  • He gazed on the glittering heap, and hope, by its aid, pictured bright visions of the future, and the fruition of all his aspiring wishes.
  • Then will I leap for love, from love to knowledge, from knowledge to fruition, from fruition to beyond all human senses.
  • Goodwill and Charity, to be strong and true, must begin at home, but for their full fruition require a field which has no bounds.
  • What is needed now to hasten the fruition of the glad promise of a better destiny for the world is to take authority from the priest and selfishness from man.
  • Do you believe that because the bloom of your womanhood, your first passion and its fruition have belonged to another, that there is nothing left to give?

Definition of Fruition

The condition of bearing fruit.
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