Fruitless In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Fruitless | Fruitless Sentence

  • But it was a fruitless contest.
  • But the visit was a fruitless one.
  • Cease from thy fruitless longings.
  • The attempt was fruitless as the former.
  • Their fruitless twitching seemed to irritate him.
  • They no longer had any sympathy with the fruitless search.
  • That it should fruitless home return to earth!
  • In fruitless beauty fade away.
  • Five minutes passed in fruitless expectancy.
  • The morning passed in fruitless enquiries.
  • Why should he waste his days in fruitless prayer?
  • Time lost upon fruitless schemes.
  • Helen had grown tired of a fruitless dream.
  • The maid returned once more from her fruitless search.
  • My fruitless speculations had left me somewhat irritable.
  • But ah! how fruitless this wish!
  • A fruitless investigation was made and soon dropped.
  • A fruitless effort for education, 19.
  • But in a fruitless Passion none.
  • In 1418 the English made a fruitless attack upon it.
  • Unwedded, fruitless Palm, fair mystery!
  • But we waste time, Monsieur, in fruitless discussion.
  • The Hellenico-Roman paganism offers a fruitless resistance.
  • It stands for struggle that is often fruitless and unproductive.
  • Twenty minutes had already been wasted in my fruitless search.
  • The fruitless slaughter of the millions is not to be forever nor for long.
  • The wait in front of the screen was fruitless and just a little ridiculous.
  • He had made for me a magnificent success of this fruitless hunting trip.
  • Many months were spent in fruitless hostilities and as fruitless negotiations.
  • In fruitless care for earth's vast brotherhood?
  • The silent partner wasted no time in fruitless search of my person.
  • After fifty minutes of fruitless manoeuvring we decided on a new plan.
  • Equally fruitless was every effort to make him perform little services.

How To Use Fruitless In A Sentence?

  • It was on the cards that her adventure was not to turn out so fruitless as she had feared.
  • To follow them was a fruitless task which often led to the destruction of the pursuers.
  • Several fruitless attempts were made to establish a city at the confluence of the two rivers.
  • He did not know where or how to apply for work, and he tired himself in fruitless endeavour.
  • A gun recalled them to the ship after they had spent many fruitless hours in the search.
  • The first two trips over and back were fruitless as far as his object was concerned.
  • After fruitless appeals to the owner for better wages the workers resorted to force.

Definition of Fruitless

Bearing no fruit; barren. | (figuratively) Unproductive, useless. | (figuratively, archaic) Of a person: unable to have children; barren, infertile.
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