Frying In A Sentence

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  • Fry in a frying basket in boiling lard for a minute.
  • She was frying sweet cakes in the boiling lard.
  • Fry carefully in a frying basket in deep hot fat.
  • Rub the butter and flour smooth and put into a frying pan.
  • Mutton and lamb chops may be used for frying purposes.
  • Into a frying pan put 3 slices of fat bacon and fry.
  • Do not be falsely economical in trying to do deep frying with these fats.
  • The earth was hopping up and down like pop-corn in a frying pan.
  • One would as soon think of frying snow or of broiling icicles.
  • Place four tablespoons of fat in a frying pan and add onions and liver.
  • Now place one-half cup of shortening in a frying pan and add onions.
  • Put 3 tablespoonfuls of butter into a frying pan and when hot, put in 2 lbs.
  • Place in a frying pan, the split side down, and add one cup of water.
  • For I went on a whole wheat diet, and threw my frying pan away.

How To Use Frying In A Sentence?

  • The drawbacks of frying come chiefly from unintelligent and careless methods of applying it.
  • Place four tablespoons of cooking oil in a frying pan and when hot add the vegetables.
  • Samuel was sitting by the fire near his mother, who was frying some bacon for supper.
  • Beat to mix and then bake in the usual manner on a well-greased smoking hot frying pan.
  • The pigeons were sputtering before the fire, and the odor of the frying bacon filled the place.
  • These kettles and frying pans and ladles are made of bronze, an alloy of copper and tin.
  • Put 1 tablespoonful of butter into a frying pan; and as soon as it is hot turn in the mixture.
  • Bacon, sausage and ham fats may be blended with beef drippings for frying purposes.
  • Drowsily she watched him bending over frying pan and coffee pot, content herself to lie and rest.
  • He dodged, seized a frying pan from the gas stove, and brandished it vigorously.
  • Place in a frying pan and cook until caramelled, then add one and one-half cups of water.
  • Now mince One onion and one tomato fine and place four tablespoons of fat in a frying pan.
  • Now place in frying pan One-half cup of shortening, Three-quarters cup of flour.
  • Not a word until the fragrance of boiling coffee and frying bacon went out to mingle with the freshness of the new day.
  • Now heat three tablespoons of shortening in a frying pan until very hot and then add the potatoes and let brown.
  • Others again, where the kitchen is not properly ventilated, get the smoke of frying and the smell of cooking all through them.
  • Do not attempt to start frying before this time, as the fat will not be sufficiently hot and the crullers will soak up the grease.
  • It is not known that they have any apparatus whatever, stew or frying pan, or even a hook and string.
  • Now place four tablespoons of fat in a frying pan and add the onions and one and a half cups of mashed potatoes.
  • Mix and then cut and fold in the stiffly beaten whites of three eggs and then place four tablespoons of shortening in a frying pan.
  • Gyuri gave no answer to this cruel thrust, and went into the kitchen, where the widow was frying pancakes.
  • Melt one large tablespoonful of butter in a frying pan, add the clams and stir frequently until they are nicely browned.
  • Through the half-open door came a strong odour and a hissing sound, plainly due to the frying of sausages.
  • If forced to carry too much current, however, the same frying or sizzling sound is noticeable as in the earlier types.
  • They did not even wait for their supper on shore, but brought it off from the fire in a wading procession of frying pans, and steaming pails.
  • Put into a frying pan 1 chopped onion and 2 slices of bacon cut into small pieces, fry until a light brown.

Definition of Frying

present participle of fry | The action of the verb fry.
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