Fumed In A Sentence

How To Use Fumed In A Sentence?

  • Harry fumed inwardly because he could not go down and use a bucket with the others.
  • The officer became enraged, and fumed so that only splutters flew out of his mouth.
  • The Chief fumed and puffed with indignation at their presumption of even remonstrating.
  • Connel fumed and ranted, threatened and cajoled, begged and pleaded, but it was no use.
  • I fumed and raged anew; but I very soon came to myself, and told myself that I was a fool.
  • The whole was lighted only by pans of pitch which fumed and smoked here and there in their elevated niches.
  • So down he came to my office and fumed and chattered for an hour or more about the extra three dollars on his trousers.
  • Yet although she fumed inwardly at the girl's attitude, she did not really dislike it.
  • The maid that was being crowded fumed and fretted and struggled and presently came to a half-waking condition and protested against the crowding.
  • He fumed in silence all the way to the hotel, through the lobby, up in the elevator, and to the door of his room.
  • Ted paid no attention to him, and the rounding up of the herd began as he had ordered, while the lieutenant fumed and fussed and swore.
  • He fumed at a situation intolerable and was finally moved to accept Estelle's advice.
  • He fumed openly while he allowed them a decent interval for reaching home, and then called Eveley by telephone.
  • He fretted and fumed at the delay, but Eve dispelled his gloom and he went cheerfully after an affectionate parting.
  • I fumed and sweat, speechless at the injustice of it, while the girl held herself more aloof than ever, busy preparing for our evening meal.
  • Big Jan repeated his injunctions yet again, with unhurried patience, while his leader fumed behind him.
  • The billiard-room back of this hall, with its attractive alcove and fireplace, is finished in fumed oak, and the walls are also gray.
  • It fumed and fought, but Jason held it like a vice, until there came a whistle and a call, and then it struggled afresh.
  • Then, while he fairly fumed with rage and hatred, his hands were made fast and he was left lying there, shrieking curses in his native Spanish.
  • Often these dialogues kept him from hearing or delivering some important message and then he fumed inwardly, but tonight he had time to spare and to laugh.
  • That trail brought them at last down close to the edge of the stream as the banks on either hand drew closer together until finally the water choked and fumed and thundered through a narrow pass.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Fumed | Fumed Sentence

  • Calhoun fumed to himself.
  • He fretted and fumed about.
  • He fumed at the picture in his fancy.
  • She fumed and fretted for a while in silence.
  • The man fumed impotently up and down.
  • I fumed and fretted inwardly.
  • Carrie still fumed up and down the room.
  • I could see that from the way she fumed and fidgeted.
  • Her blood fumed out around it from a pierced lung.
  • Dorothea fumed to Claudia.
  • And, at Crowborough House, the Duke dined and fumed alone.
  • Archie fumed while the inspector was summoning his superior officer.
  • Tudor helped him with an energy that neither fumed nor faltered.
  • The water in the tub fumed and sparkled faintly and was still.
  • There was no excuse for their heartless conduct, he fumed indignantly.
  • My rage had partly fumed itself away before the yacht came in sight.
  • If the clerk fumed in the outer rooms, here all was studious life and quiet.
  • Esmond, who had not expected affairs to take this turn, fumed inwardly.
  • Mrs. Sandford fumed a little, and Mr. Sandford laughed; but that did no harm.

Definition of Fumed

simple past tense and past participle of fume
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