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  • Describe an electromagnet and its function in telephony.
  • The planning function in urban government.
  • The ear has therefore a dual function in singing.
  • Generative function in religion, 62, 72, 73.
  • Each of these sets of muscles has its function in tone-production.
  • The printer's function in advertising.
  • The ministries did function in a way, despite the chaos about them.
  • But as a social system caste continued to function in ways peculiar to itself.
  • Sex means breeding, and breeding is a necessary function in a nation.
  • Her chief function, in his opinion, was that of consoler and ministering angel.
  • And after the great function in Speech-room came the cheering.
  • The Judicial function in Federal administrative agencies.
  • Monte Citorio is always much in evidence in every public function in Italy.
  • It must have been a magnificent function in the time of Henry VII.
  • If a man's function in life is to learn, then by all means let him be learned.
  • Mrs. Evans' function in life was not to challenge but to disapprove.
  • NOEL T. The Judicial function in Federal administrative agencies.

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  • This is necessary even that she may discharge adequately her own function in the nation.
  • The hospital performs a peculiarly valuable function in the care of syphilis in particular.
  • In the second place it is a social function in which the god and the worshipper both take part.
  • Cannot you be contented with so noble and lofty a function in life without toiling and moiling?
  • On the contrary, it is a fact that active work is its function in the sleep state.
  • The specialisation of function in a large town is, however, qualified in two ways.
  • This has no function in talking or ringing, and will be referred to more fully in Chapter XIX.
  • Of dreams we are presented with a series in some degree representing their function in surviving belief.
  • I cry out against it because its function in society is not understood, and very difficult to explain.
  • We find that these individuals also function in a world of thought but they have a higher knowledge of this power.
  • Hutchinson even argued that this costal breathing was an adaptation to the child-bearing function in woman.
  • Each god exercised his own proper function in that tomb which was a reproduction in small of the regions of the other world.
  • Finally by his own struggles, the very first of our race, he was able to reach that great function in the world.
  • Their only function in the dairy should be to check fermentative and putrefactive processes outside of milk and so keep the air free from taints.
  • We have a striking illustration of the exercise of the latter function in the vaccination of children and others, to protect them from small-pox.
  • Friends, old and new, have a function in relieving the overclose concern of one marriage partner with the other.
  • Woman's function in life can never be the same as man's, if only because women are the mothers of the race.
  • The internet, according to this scheme, was the neural network being used to wire up this brain so that it could function in a coordinated fashion.
  • Its identity is soon lost in the mammal, and its function in the skull is different from the corresponding bone in Pterodactyles.
  • For all Creation must function in harmony if we are to have well-being, peace of mind, and harmony within ourselves.
  • Even when alone he was in the habit of making the evening meal a function, in which his man Dixon and his cook took especial pride.
  • Luther and Knox were by express vocation Priests, and did faithfully perform that function in its common sense.
  • The differentiation of function in the several parts of the industrial organism finds a partial expression in the localisation of certain industries.
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