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  • The terror of that functionary was extreme.
  • That functionary was present instantly.
  • We found the important functionary at supper.
  • The smiling functionary explained the mistake.
  • This officer is virtually the executive functionary in the company.
  • That functionary had been reared amid southern institutions.
  • In the mean time a functionary enters, and furtively carries away a small box.

How To Use Functionary In A Sentence?

  • But that functionary revolted at this fresh act of cruelty against a helpless invalid.
  • The functionary thus commanded bowed himself to the ground and hastened on his errand.
  • When that clock-governed functionary was missing something indeed must be going wrong.
  • Every other functionary was an active, though veiled, enemy to nine-tenths of my proposals.
  • That functionary again ordered Mackenzie to leave, and he received the same reply as before.
  • That functionary merely talked platitudes that Adelle neither understood nor heeded.
  • The President, functionary and servant, swore fidelity to the sovereign people.
  • This seigneur Faruskiar, this superb Mongol, this functionary we had seen at work!
  • The last-named functionary of course corresponded to the Sovereign of Great Britain.
  • Within a very few minutes that respectable functionary had made his appearance and received his instructions.
  • This important functionary now stood whistling and singing by turns with the most admired unconcern.
  • This functionary receives the cards of the guests, and directs them to their respective dressing-rooms.
  • Footnotes: {1} Vladika, a high functionary in the Land of the Blue Mountains.
  • He liked the provost-marshal because that functionary had twice rescued his bar from demolition at the hands of a gang of stragglers.
  • Dolly stood and looked after the departing chaise which carried the functionary who gave judgment so easily on matters of life and death.
  • In spite of his bonds he still showed so much pride and coolness that the all-powerful functionary was almost afraid of him.
  • That wealthy functionary had purposely bought a lot of land in a quarter distant from the centre of the city and almost deserted.
  • Whiskers were also in fashion, but not moustaches, and no official functionary was permitted to wear hair under his nose.
  • But that functionary had taken advantage of the charge to fall into a light and pleasant slumber, from which it became necessary to rouse him.
  • The servants came hurrying out, headed by a chamberlain clad in magnificent livery, a functionary we had not before encountered.
  • I informed her that this functionary had come and departed, and I repeated to her what he had told me about his dismissal.
  • This functionary motioned towards the lower end of the church, where were certain benches, partly occupied by poor people and boys.
  • Although it was the abode of the highest functionary of the Empire, there was nothing to suggest the departments or their boxes of dusty documents.
  • Soon after, believing that the midwife brought babies from heaven, she sent by that functionary a greeting to Jesus.
  • After breakfast we were confronted with a functionary new to us in Persia, one charged with the demand for passports and their examination.
  • In our day it often happens that "the State" is a little functionary on whom a big functionary is forced to depend.
  • This honorable functionary politely declined to give his name and business, and requested the favor of a private interview with young Renault.
  • The German functionary went in and found the Baron, who said he could not come before the piece was over.
  • That he has not had more will be no objection to him in the eyes of those who have seen the administration of the experienced public functionary whose term of office is just drawing to a close.
  • In reality, the Commune only ratified the former inequality between functionary and soldier, Government and governed.
  • Her father, M. Sambucco, was a magistrate; her grandfather was a functionary of the war department.
  • Occasionally a fraudulent functionary was tried and convicted, but the great majority of these dishonest officials escaped without ever being brought to trial.
  • One of the manors that he frequented was that of Michal Zaleski, a legal and political functionary of some importance in Lithuania.

Definition of Functionary

A person employed as an official in a bureaucracy (usually corporate or governmental) who holds limited authority and primarily serves to carry out a simple function for which discretion is not required. | A paper-pusher, bean counter.
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