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  • Then the funerals began.
  • I been to five funerals in six weeks.
  • Els funerals foren bella cosa.
  • At funerals there are celebrations of much the same kind.
  • Most of the funerals which take place pass my house.
  • At funerals perhaps a godly woman offers prayer.
  • Mohammedans, and Christianity, 75; funerals of, 284.
  • None accompanied their funerals but those of the same profession or tribe.
  • I broke through my rule of never attending funerals yesterday.
  • Two wheel carts was mostly used at funerals in those days with oxen.
  • The association attended its own funerals in state, and paid for them.
  • Fourteen years ago I attended fifty-one funerals in twenty-one months.
  • I don't believe in the hearses, and palls, and funerals that they have had.

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  • Even at funerals the use of costly shawls on the biers of females was not permitted.
  • The two funerals which the writer last attended were of persons aged 89 and 101.
  • Marriages, funerals and christenings were occasions of great ceremony and social importance.
  • No sickness there, and no death, no funerals in heaven, no graves in the golden city.
  • I let him have his funeral, though I object to funerals and to the practice of sepulture.
  • I wondered why the topic of funerals kept coming up, and I laughingly put the matter to Dauvit.
  • Inevitable shooting marked their next meeting, and their funerals were not infrequently held simultaneously.
  • Still years went on, and still she followed funerals and was not yet summoned to her own festival of death.
  • This is the age of funerals that crown with supreme popular honor the doers of high deeds for country and race.
  • Sometimes dreadful scenes are witnessed at funerals where strong drink has suddenly finished the career of father or mother.
  • She had assisted in a secondary capacity at funerals in the families of other people, but she would have reveled in personally conducted ones.
  • The whole style of the performance was such that I have concluded to have nothing more to do with funerals till they improve.
  • This may, in part, explain the criticism that the funerals in foreign-born families are often unnecessarily expensive.
  • Soon the priest came in sight, wearing his black robe and white ruff; there were doubtless to be other funerals that day.
  • You have seen the dretful procession of one hundred thousand funerals pass before you every year, slain by this foe that you pamper and protect.
  • It was a hard struggle against established customs and ideas of hospitality, and even of health, when the use of liquor at funerals was abolished.
  • During that time, nineteen funerals had darkened the winding avenue which led to the grave-yard, and she who was first attacked lingered last.
  • She told me of the funerals to the little churchyard outside the barracks, and of the "loneliness" of the dead Germans.
  • And I see my father get ready for funerals and dig up his old sermons for funerals and all that, till it looks just like any trade to me.
  • The mode of conducting funerals in former days in New York differed very materially from the customs now in vogue.
  • One singular result of the frequency of these funerals is the development of a critical and fastidious taste in such matters on the part of myself and family.
  • There were three distinct funerals at Trieste, and there was to be another nine months onward in England.
  • After he had officiated at the funerals of his parishioners it is said that his wife was frequently compelled to exert all her efforts to arouse him from his depression.
  • The half-starved women of pleasure attended at funerals in the hope of picking up parts of the viands which were laid on the pile and burnt with the body.
  • Fame is an undertaker that pays but little attention to the living, but who bedizens the dead, furnishes out their funerals and follows them to the grave.
  • This singular object is fashioned from a piece of yellow limestone, and is pierced with a hole to contain the candle formerly used at funerals and other ceremonies.
  • The burning of lights and torches at funerals has always been a mark of honour to the dead, and to have a great number was a special mark of honour to the deceased.

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plural of funeral
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