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  • The fungus had got him.
  • This was a kind of fungus or mushroom.
  • This fungus is yellow and fragile.
  • The fungus consists of mycelium and spores.
  • After this period the fungus seemed to make almost no progress at all.
  • Every fungus does not bear the spores exposed upon the cap nor underneath it.
  • She looked at the man, who exhaled whiskey as a fungus an evil perfume.
  • The fungus resembles little lumps of butter, and hence its name.
  • He is simply the fungus of living, active, breathing humanity.
  • He stood among the sunburnt, steady-eyed seamen like a fungus in fresh grass.
  • The chestnut blight fungus is attacking three of the important oaks of Europe.
  • The Common Crucible.+ This little fungus is about ΒΌ of an inch across.

How To Use Fungus In A Sentence?

  • But of course the most conclusive test is by inoculation with the fungus in question.
  • This was the fungus log, another landmark for the wanderer unfamiliar with these winding ways.
  • This fungus grows on the trunks of trees, and is found as late as the middle of winter.
  • We saw this fungus first in a dense woods, where its bright color at once attracted our notice.
  • Now, when this begins to grow and the fungus pushes up, it will move the stone and open a chink.
  • The shape of the fungus is peculiar, a sort of semi-circular outline that may be called dimidiate.
  • Dr. Leidy mentions a fungus which must annually carry off myriads of the Seventeen Year Locust.
  • The fungus in its earlier and colourless stage may have been present from the time the latex entered the cup.
  • Long periods of heavy rainfall were very favorable for an epidemic outbreak of this fungus on walnut and other nursery stock.
  • The beauty of its graceful crown is sometimes marred by a fungus which produces a thick tufting of twigs on the ends of branches.
  • In a few minutes sparks began to fly from the stick, and as these fell on the dried fungus they rapidly spread.
  • Its air was less of dilapidation than desertion, and lichen and fungus played a large part in such an aspect.
  • He had never shaved; his face was obscured in a sort of brown fungus and was blotchy about the forehead and chin.
  • When the callus growth is once formed, the fungus of the original canker encroaches on it very slowly, or often not at all.
  • Cultivation, fertilization, and judicious pruning certainly help these trees to withstand these fungus attacks.
  • If the fungus grows slowly in these trees as compared with its growth on non-resistant stock, then no one can deny that they are resistant.
  • Better any open risk than the fall of perhaps the whole party into a pit of dead wood choked with foetid and noisome fungus growths.
  • Then we knew he had little folk to feed, so we seated ourselves on the fungus log, and waited for him to point one out.
  • A fungus vapor which, falling upon exposed flesh, instantly invades the blood and multiplies by millions.
  • The results of the inoculation tests show that the fungus grows in these trees on the average from 1/4 to 1/3 as fast as in ordinary chestnut.
  • Fifteen years ago hardly a fruit-grower sprayed for insect and fungus pests; today it is rare to find one who does not.
  • The small-spored fungus is found as the cause in the majority of scalp cases; the endothrix also commonly invades the scalp integument.
  • He was alive, but in a dying state, his body being covered with a species of fungus that grows upon decaying mine timbers.
  • It is, however, more commonly met with in the form that the geese emanated from a fungus growing on rotting timber floating at sea.
  • Among the cacti, though not of them, was a hideous plant (or it may have been a wax model of one) apparently of the fungus family.
  • In the center were eleven thousand protection infantry, green-crested and armed with compact tanks of blue-maxima vapor, fungus bombs and swords.
  • These medicines may be peculiarly shaped stones, bits of fungus growth, a tooth, shell, or similar object.
  • We found this in the woods in the month of October, growing on dead leaves; a pretty fungus from the violet tints.

Definition of Fungus

(mycology) Any member of the kingdom Fungi; a eukaryotic organism typically having chitin cell walls but no chlorophyll or plastids. Fungi may be unicellular or multicellular. | (obsolete) Proud flesh formed on a wound.
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