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  • The other theory is funnier still.
  • It comes funnier that way sometimes.
  • But it would be funnier for us to see her trying.
  • This sounds funnier in print, so Gresham said.
  • And the harder Mr. Toad laughed the funnier he looked.
  • The more Jerry thought over Billy Mink's plan, the funnier the joke seemed.

How To Use Funnier In A Sentence?

  • Whenever things quieted down a bit he said something even funnier than the last.
  • She criticized us with a freedom and publicity that made her funnier to us than we were funny to her.
  • The reader will not be prepared to hear that anything funnier than that could grow out of this situation.
  • The faster he danced the funnier he looked, and the funnier he looked the harder the little meadow people laughed.
  • I never saw a funnier sight than Pat craning and twisting his head in futile efforts to look at it under his own arm.
  • A funnier sight, eighty men, black and white, leaping up and down, and then going from side to side, could not be conceived.
  • But far funnier than Alister's corrections of his teacher, was a curious jealousy which the boatswain had of the Scotch lad's new accomplishment.

Definition of Funnier

comparative form of funny: more funny
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