Furious In A Sentence

Definition of Furious

Feeling great anger; raging; violent. | Rushing with impetuosity; moving with violence.

How To Use Furious In A Sentence?

  • So he capers with furious glee.
  • Faster and more furious grew the fighting.
  • George felt furious with her for admiring him.
  • Burrows threw him a furious look.
  • The race was furious but short.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Furious | Furious Sentence

  • She was furious about it.
  • Paris is in furious exultation.
  • She was furious with herself and ashamed.
  • Pansy was too furious to be afraid.
  • Hot and furious was now the fight.
  • Then she was furious with me because she was not the last.
  • Lo is furious that she missed it.
  • She was furious with herself for not being calmer.
  • We had a furious quarrel.
  • I was in a furious rage.
  • It was a furious fight.
  • How furious he would be!
  • Father will be furious with the gardeners.
  • Ashton was in a furious passion.
  • She flashed a furious glance at him.
  • Tommy cringed under a furious glare.
  • He was seized with furious jealousy.
  • Atkinson looked at him with furious eyes.
  • We were furious when we heard you were coming.
  • Onward with them the furious battle swept.
  • Once a furious gust sent her against him.
  • There was a furious exchange of blows.
  • She shot a furious glance at him.
  • A furious battle followed.
  • They were only beaten off after a furious struggle.
  • Now a furious clamour arose.
  • Braddock behaved with furious intrepidity.
  • Why do we enchain the furious madman?
  • Tavannes cried in furious scorn.
  • We were seized with furious rage.
  • Joe laughed at this furious threat.
  • Another furious peal at the bell.
  • Then came furious activity.
  • A furious storm came on.
  • Wind and sea were more furious than ever.

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