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  • Are the furnaces out.
  • What furnaces are there!
  • It is in these furnaces that the iron is puddled.
  • The furnaces were often laid off for want of coal.
  • The air was filled with the roar of the furnaces of flame.
  • First of all, the coal furnaces have to be clinkered.
  • Some of these furnaces are straight, others circular.
  • There are three furnaces for heating red-hot shot.
  • Large furnaces are sometimes seen, with flues of brickwork.
  • And the narrowing lids conceal The furnaces of his eyes.
  • What is necessary in the adaptation of furnaces to dwelling-houses?
  • The furnaces used were of ordinary design and built of brick.
  • These furnaces are constructed on one of two general principles.
  • The smoke rises as if the furnaces were ill-fed and weak in the lungs.
  • The blast furnaces for iron also throw off potash-bearing fumes.
  • There had been mines, and smelters, and blast furnaces and steel mills.
  • For when Bill smoked furnaces weren't in it.
  • The furnaces were heated, balls were prepared, and the cannonade was resumed.
  • Here I saw enormous furnaces and heard all kinds of dreadful sounds.
  • Without exception, the enormous Cleveland mills and furnaces shut down tight.
  • Blake's and Brunton's furnaces are reverberatory furnaces with a movable bed.
  • Now the oil furnaces will have been lit up and the smiths' forges kindled.

How To Use Furnaces In A Sentence?

  • Hand rabbling in fixed furnaces has been largely superseded by mechanical rabbling.
  • Muffle furnaces are suitable for fine ores which are liable to decrepitate or sinter.
  • They are stokers who fire the furnaces for the engines far down below in the bowels of the ship.
  • Likewise the hot furnaces of battle had smelted much of the hate out of their hearts.
  • Shaft calcining furnaces are available for fine ores and permit the recovery of the sulphur.
  • The shot was heated at furnaces and wheeled off to the guns in wheelbarrows lined with sand.
  • He knew that furnaces and retorts and acids and alkalies were necessary to the refinement of gold.
  • The line of hammers and furnaces is continued up the workshop to the far end under the wall.
  • The lines along which the development of furnaces needed to extend are therefore plain.
  • Our rooms were warmed by furnaces below, which diffused a summer temperature through the house.
  • Charcoal furnaces will be found very convenient for preserving; the kettles being set on the top.
  • To obviate these drawbacks, furnaces which are fed from the outside of the building were designed.
  • The floors are sometimes made of ferro-concrete, and the furnaces may also be of this material.
  • Who is she that cometh with blackened flesh from walking the furnaces of Rouen?
  • The "smoke" was conducted into the curing sheds from furnaces outside the building.
  • There are other furnaces which work with outside heat, but I have not seen them in action.
  • In Mansfeld brick cupola furnaces are without a rival in size, equipment and performance.
  • The furnaces are cold; let them stop cold, for I'll lose thousands before I'll give in.

Definition of Furnaces

plural of furnace

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