Furtherance In A Sentence

Definition of Furtherance

The act of furthering or helping forward | Promotion. | Advancement or progress.

How To Use Furtherance In A Sentence?

  • He was able less and less to consider her impersonally even in the furtherance of this project.
  • The most extravagant expectations were cherished of miraculous furtherance and super-human aid.
  • Her rose-touched skin was a little more suffused, though not beyond a furtherance of beauty.
  • All things, even himself, must bend to the furtherance of his cherished objects.
  • Even without that aid Mahmud was able to do much in furtherance of his purpose.
  • But one can only barely indicate what has been and might be done in the furtherance of Irish art.
  • I must intreate your furtherance and advise About a thing that doth concerne us neere.
  • If it were good, then we affect him deare, And would add furtherance to your enterprise.
  • Think what an argument the existence of such a weapon will be for the furtherance of his plans for disarmament and universal peace!
  • He did not scruple to employ the authority of his exalted office for the furtherance of his political schemes.
  • So the want of deaconesses is a continual hinderance to the furtherance of the cause, both in the city and the provinces.
  • But, more than that, they do not regard his play as a sufficient vehicle for the furtherance of their careers.
  • Princes had allied with peasants in eager furtherance of the cause of freedom but defeat took away their faith.
  • I understand him to be a peripatetic body, who travels a great deal in furtherance of his nefarious schemes.
  • All the different parts of the public economy were regarded as existing only in order to be utilized for the furtherance of national power.
  • You will understand how a journal can have grown on psychoanalytic soil, the sole purpose of which is the furtherance of these relationships.
  • He stood well in the confidence of his superior officers, and was empoyed by them at times in furtherance of important movements.
  • Here only, be it mentioned, that the furtherance of the cotton trade was a constant stimulus to this great plan.
  • Having made this determination, the commander will then deduce a task appropriate to the new situation and in furtherance of the adopted purpose.
  • This stroke at personal liberty was strictly in furtherance of the "advantage" sought to be taken of the employer.
  • How miserable it is, amongst these evidences of his industry and genius, to find that all his ingenuity turned to the furtherance of a fraud.
  • The latter lead to decisions, among others, as to the comprehensive tactical methods to be followed in furtherance of strategical aims.
  • It was Sepa who gave it to me for the furtherance of our cause, and therefore it is fitting that thou shouldst spend it.
  • Yet, by a strange inversion of the usual order of things, to the very sex which evades the mission is its furtherance and chief control entrusted.
  • Elated by his success Cornwallis prepared for his northward march, and in furtherance of his plans inaugurated a reign of terror.
  • But Mr Montefiore allowed himself no relaxation in the furtherance of the great cause he had at heart.
  • Almost all the musical societies of Dublin, which were composed of amateurs, gave their entertainments for the furtherance of charitable objects.
  • Your affair is to use them, as they are, without self-righteousness, blame, or complaint, for the smooth furtherance of your own ends.
  • There had been disturbances to the growth of Anglo-Saxon union, and opportunities for its furtherance had been thrown away.
  • Their active zeal and heroic submission to any sacrifice in furtherance of the cause in which they were embarked must excite at once astonishment and admiration.
  • But if it were known that he had hidden a prince whose only use to him would be the furtherance of his political ambitions he would be denounced by the government under which he lived.
  • To give our Men of Letters stipends, endowments and all furtherance of cash, will do little towards the business.
  • I rode out with him sometimes, and heard, with interest, his accounts of the Italian war, whither he also went in furtherance of journalism.
  • The most singular part of his mental condition was the rapidity and skill with which he turned events to his own advantage, and seized each opportunity for the furtherance of his ends.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Furtherance | Furtherance Sentence

  • And what the furtherance of his worldly hope?
  • In furtherance of the rite had done.
  • The furtherance of medical research.
  • Verdict, Homicide in furtherance of public justice.
  • Whenever I hear it, my furtherance is the better.
  • I consider this delay to be for the furtherance of the honor of the Lord.

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