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  • Consider furthermore this.
  • And furthermore why should they be obliterated?
  • He furthermore said that he wished to see me alone.
  • You will furthermore want a pack-cinch and a pack-rope for each horse.
  • The city is furthermore divided into ten municipal circles as follows.
  • It's a peril; and furthermore expensive.
  • And furthermore to account for the shining, it was the first day of wearing.
  • It was furthermore covenanted there should be held a Thing in the citySec.

How To Use Furthermore In A Sentence?

  • It is furthermore essential to the object that it should strive after a higher perfection.
  • Unlimited furthermore are the influences which depend upon the sexual ideas of the society.
  • He furthermore offered a considerable reduction in the rate of interest for the next ten years.
  • Their chances of success were increased furthermore by the support of the llaneros who had been won over to the cause of independence.
  • If he required any he asked them where they came from and what they had been doing, and furthermore questioned them as to their age.
  • Doors should furthermore be so hung that they screen that part of the room in which the occupants usually sit.
  • And he furthermore instructed the man to notify him if she failed to put in an appearance before four bells.
  • I have furthermore contended that the positive outcome of philosophy has materially added to the clearness of the portrait of the human mind.
  • It is furthermore positive that persons of a certain disposition and with certain ailments are injured by even a moderate use of tobacco.
  • In order to be strong they must have arms, and they must furthermore know how to use them should the necessity arise.
  • The glimpse we got through the open door of the auditorium however, was not reassuring; and furthermore there was not a woman present.
  • It should furthermore serve as an excuse for any defect, that my subject is not a finished one, not perfectly elaborated by others before me.
  • Each animal, riding and packing, has furthermore a short lead-rope attached always to his halter-ring.
  • I gave him my word that while I had his saddle no man of ours would molest him, and furthermore that they would befriend him.
  • I should have learned, furthermore memorized, furthermore declined, likewise conjugated, and finally expounded!
  • It is furthermore prescribed in India for syphilis and leprosy and is one of the many remedies used for the bites of rabid animals.
  • Only furthermore I have noticed that the really good horse keeps his feet, and the poor one tumbles.
  • She had furthermore drilled him in making "pothooks and hangers," with which he covered his slate in neat rows, daily.
  • He furthermore would remember with gratitude, and would increase if possible, the numbers of institutions for the blind, not to mention the deaf.
  • The Predicate can furthermore be precisely defined by an adverb or a noun (or a word used as a noun) governed by a preposition.
  • Rangoon is located on the ocean and is furthermore aided by the Irrawaddy River, which is navigable for over nine hundred miles.
  • Assume furthermore that subsequent experience teaches us that several other substances have the faculty of producing the same reaction in connection with sunlight.
  • It is furthermore a characteristic which normally tends to increase in its degree or manifestation from infancy up to at least ten or twelve years of age.
  • He furthermore suggested that such Russians as did not care to trust their lives to such a promise should be taken out with the troops.
  • We furthermore believe that should the appointments be confirmed there will be a continual friction between the officers and men of the two races as has been foretold by our present commanding officer.
  • I will furthermore explain that Marian is the Christian name of my lawful wife, and that our surname is Butter.
  • It is not ordinarily because we are not interested in these things, for instinctively we feel them of value; and furthermore our observations and experiences confirm us in this thought.
  • And furthermore they arrayed themselves the much more honestly and worshipfully, because they knew well that he was a worthier King than any of them was.
  • He was furthermore to persuade them that England, France, and Russia had sinister designs on their liberty.
  • The canvas lacked the complete visualisation and the solid space-construction which characterise his later work, and furthermore it revealed many traces of the academic composition.
  • It is furthermore your exhilarating task, after you have caught him, to take stock, and spend most of the afternoon looking for what your first search passed by.
  • He may be again seized and punished as according to the charge, and furthermore may be given additional punishment for "jumping" his bail.

Definition of Furthermore

In addition; besides; what's more; used to denote additional information.
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