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  • A furtive glance passes between them.
  • Its essence was of the things furtive and forbidden.
  • It is another story of furtive and forbidden love.
  • He looked furtive and anxious; she saw that he did.
  • He was a ratfaced little man, with a furtive smile.
  • There was a furtive excitement about him that fanned the supposition.
  • The pink plump face was contorted in a furtive grimace of deprecation.
  • I sat down nearly opposite and stole an occasional furtive glance at him.
  • She gave a furtive glance upward at the stern old palace before her.
  • Every other minute he cast a feverish furtive glance towards the door.
  • Solon approached the table, a furtive twinkle in his blue eyes.
  • He was endeavoring to fix and hold those dark, furtive eyes.
  • Then his eyes shot a furtive look in Charlie's direction.

How To Use Furtive In A Sentence?

  • Perhaps each one cast a furtive look from the tail of his eye at his neighbors.
  • And afterwards she could never understand why she crept out in this furtive manner.
  • Wallie hesitated, casting a furtive eye about as he did so for the most convenient exit.
  • Tegakwita paused at the edge of the clearing, and looked around with that furtive quickness.
  • There was no motion save the long, furtive stride and the heads leaning together.
  • Her actions when thus engaged were furtive and secretive, like those of some nocturnal animal.
  • How many furtive inclinations avowed by the eye, though dissembled by the lips!
  • Ada was carrying it past him in furtive haste, when it caught sight of his familiar features.
  • A furtive frighted look hung ever in his face, a fugitive air about his whole person.
  • Lumley eyed the horse with a quick furtive glance, and then looked at Gray again.
  • Then, seeing many furtive eyes upon him, he laughed shortly, and filled his cup again.
  • As she did so old Sam, his face as gray as his beard, watched his stepdaughter with a furtive eye.
  • But amid all the contending emotions, Sedgwick kept a furtive watch upon the two old men.
  • A part of them migrated to Amsterdam, while the rest maintained a furtive church in London.
  • It was a trick of his which always irritated her because it reminded her of the sly and furtive side of his character.
  • He was perplexed at the wireless operator's furtive examination of the promenade deck.
  • Better the outlook on crag and clearing sky than a furtive glimpse of the limbs and foliage of that monstrous growth.
  • His eyes were fixed with seeming unconsciousness ahead, but a furtive smile lurked around his mouth.
  • The population of 17,000 had then shrunk to about 900, and only a little furtive life lingered in the town.
  • It was her psychic powers that made it possible for them, in a furtive way, to give their little entertainments.
  • So he advanced like a furtive shadow slinking along the dark sea-bottom, deep in the covering gloom.
  • A medium-sized man stood before him, a man of about his own age, who had a furtive manner and wore a beard.
  • There was a certain furtive expression about him, as of a man continually on the watch lest he should betray himself, and the eyes were shifty.
  • In fact, it was rather studied, for his eyes were alight and watchful with the furtive watchfulness so easy to detect in those of partial color.
  • I recognised the same furtive look of apprehension in his eyes that I had seen in the eyes of my stock-broking friend long before.
  • It was a wild, furtive motion, as of one who has often been obliged to fly for safety, yet still has unlimited courage.
  • He was a morose, down-looking old fellow, with a furtive expression, and a manner of distrust about him that showed itself in various ways.

Definition of Furtive

Stealthy. | Exhibiting guilty or evasive secrecy.
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