Fuses in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Fuses

1. Why are not fuses good lightning arresters? 🔊

2. He had taken a box of fuses from his pocket. 🔊

3. I have had the trains laid and fuses placed ready. 🔊

4. A supply of these fuses should be kept handy at all times. 🔊

5. It fuses at red heat, and colours glass a ruby-red. 🔊

6. The chloride of copper fuses and colors the flame of a beautiful blue. 🔊

7. Some of the fuses are antiquated, and the gun-carriages are old-fashioned. 🔊

8. When the shells are loaded, glue and drive in the fuses very tight. 🔊

9. If the machine is rated for 50 amperes, 75-ampere fuses should be installed. 🔊

10. A pair of Cook tubular fuses in an individual mounting is shown in Fig. 🔊

How to use Fuses in Sentences?

1. With carbonate of soda it fuses with effervescence to a bead which spreads over the charcoal. 🔊

2. His belated discovery that one of his fuses was deficient had somewhat shaken his nerves. 🔊

3. The fuses are closed at the lower end, which is the end connected to the apparatus. 🔊

4. By heating it upon charcoal it fuses in the reducing flame, and is reduced to a sulphide. 🔊

5. Be able to replace fuses and to properly splice, solder, and tape rubber-covered wires. 🔊

6. Fluorspar (CaFl) produces a red as intense as pure lime, and fuses into a bead. 🔊

7. The main-switch fuses should have a capacity about 50 per cent in excess of the full load of the dynamo. 🔊

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