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  • Such gabble makes me sick.
  • The gabble in this close apartment was terrific.
  • Was ever heard such endless and aimless gabble yet.
  • In a frenzied gabble Mrs. Scutts told him.
  • The well-meant gabble of the servant touched me to the quick.

How To Use Gabble In A Sentence?

  • All those who have had real friends know that when the friendship is assured the gabble ceases.
  • And now he mouthed a gabble of words which was echoed by his fellow sitting with Soriki.
  • I gabble the conventional small-talk of polite sociability, and I thank God when they are gone!
  • Liberty for them was not a frothy gabble of insincere verbiage, but a clear and concrete condition of body and soul.
  • She was aware of statements being made in language which rang familiarly in her ears, but they had no more coherence in her clogged understanding than the gabble of dementia.
  • A man may gabble of a love that is spreading over the heart, but when it has gathered the whole world beneath its wings he is more inclined to silence.
  • He never has the disgusting technical jargon, or the undisciplined fluency, of the mere art critic, any more than he has the gabble of the mere connoisseur.
  • He wondered what Mrs. Crittenden would say, if Vincent ever got through his gabble and gave her a chance.
  • Then Duckie was released and fed and departed to gabble her wrongs to the other white ducks that were preening themselves amongst the deep green grass of the adjacent orchard.
  • Ready and sharp is he for a joke, cold and unfeeling in manner, and troublesome as the varlet blackbirds that sit on a tree and gabble and moot, while other birds give you music.

Definition of Gabble

(transitive, intransitive) To talk fast, idly, foolishly, or without meaning. | To utter inarticulate sounds with rapidity. | Confused or unintelligible speech.

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