Gad In A Sentence

Definition of Gad

(intransitive) To move from one location to another in an apparently random and frivolous manner. | A sharp-pointed object; a goad. | (obsolete) A metal bar.

How To Use Gad In A Sentence?

  • The crow has little other use for his wings than to gad about like a busy politician from one neighborhood to another.
  • He did not gad abroad in search of the sublime or strange, but cultivated the art of staying at home.
  • In this state of things the king sent Gad and others inside the walls to urge the people to surrender.
  • On the summit of a mountain at some distance we saw the tombs of Nathan the prophet and Gad the seer.
  • If it be so, be carefull that you do not gad up and down with your wife too much on horseback, or in Coaches; for fear it might make her miscarry.
  • We may be quite sure that when Reuben and Gad marched eastward they had heavy losses to retrieve and bitter wrongs to avenge.
  • Going looking for a rod, a rod to make a gad, a gad to hang Manachar, who ate my raspberries every one.
  • Munachar said he must go look for a rod to make a gad to hang Manachar, who ate his raspberries every one; and he came to the rod.
  • The priests are included in the list of David's ministers, but not the prophets Gad and Nathan.
  • Going looking for an ax, an ax to cut a rod, a rod to make a gad, a gad to hang Manachar, who ate my raspberries every one.
  • How give an idea of the libations poured out to Gad and the shekels laid aside for Meni in the Quicksands Temple?

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Gad | Gad Sentence

  • They both like to dress and to gad around.
  • Frethorik min gad is 63 jer wrden.
  • And eke be Gad himsell!
  • One of the cities which the children of Gad built.
  • O Gad support me, sambre?
  • An arrant Coward, gad zoors.
  • Ride him true, an' don't give him ther gad none.
  • Han gad ikke rejse bort igen, alene Tanken var ham imod.
  • Jeg gad set det Spand Heste, han ikke kunde magte.
  • The men of Gad dwelt in the land of Ataroth (Numb, xxxii.
  • They don't do anything but gad about, these days.
  • Having a fair horse, he gave it the gad and struck into a gallop.
  • E'en who please you, Gad zoors.
  • As Gad shall sa' me, as like as if the same.
  • And they'd be soon weary of Extortion, gad zoors.
  • A mock, a titter on the tongue of geese That gad the city gates?
  • Well, gad zoors, 'tis a fine thing to be a good Statesman.
  • You ain't any hand to gad about and talk, and I know it will be safe with you.

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