Gags In A Sentence

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  • One who gags at a guinea-pig and swallows a baby.
  • The other Gags came and went, but he heeded them not.

How To Use Gags In A Sentence?

  • He was played by the low-comedian, who had introduced gags of his own and was on most friendly terms with the pit.
  • It was some minutes before either could speak, after they were cut loose and their gags removed, and then their tales were the same.
  • He promptly gave orders to have the gags and thongs removed, and I stretched my muscles with a feeling of deep relief.
  • When the old Liberals removed the gags from all the heresies, their idea was that religious and philosophical discoveries might thus be made.
  • But I can talk to him in Lingua Terra without having to put one of those damn gags in my mouth, and he can pass my instructions on to the others.

Definition of Gags

Third-person singular simple present indicative form of gag | plural of gag
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