Gaiety In A Sentence

Definition of Gaiety

(dated, uncountable) The state of being happy or merry. | (dated, countable) Merrymaking or festivity.

How To Use Gaiety In A Sentence?

  • I love books and art, and gaiety and dresses.
  • It was the prima donna of a Gaiety burlesque.
  • The hours of Parisian gaiety are late.
  • Marie Antoinette recovered all her gaiety directly.
  • The gaiety of the scene was gone for Joan.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Gaiety | Gaiety Sentence

  • No smiles of gaiety here.
  • Their gaiety is infectious.
  • The gaiety of those romps!
  • His gaiety was forced.
  • Preparations went on with more gaiety then.
  • His gaiety and spontaneity won him favour.
  • Its parure of gaiety shocked.
  • Alfy laughed in the gaiety of his heart.
  • For him gaiety had now become scoffing.
  • Was it youthful gaiety in a gig?
  • It is the bottled gaiety of the nation.
  • A light gaiety of manner.
  • She forced some gaiety to her aid.
  • It was all sparkle and gaiety and charm.
  • There is great gaiety in her manner.
  • All is gaiety and good humor.
  • He joined with gaiety in all the discussions.
  • All her gaiety had passed away.
  • He seemed all gaiety and force.
  • Light-heartedness and gaiety seemed predominant.
  • The sly gaiety of the voice was most disarming.
  • He displayed the utmost gaiety on the occasion.
  • With forced gaiety he turned to his lackey.
  • The usual gaiety last week.
  • But there was an invincible need of gaiety in her heart.
  • The stream of gaiety flowed on around her.
  • It was their contribution toward the gaiety of the winter.
  • We were gay, but our gaiety was fictitious.
  • The sight of the gaiety of the people wrings my heart.
  • In society it is the time for universal gaiety and freedom.
  • But at midnight their gaiety suddenly came to an end.
  • Everywhere was brightness, gaiety and light-heartedness.
  • All gaiety was an invention of the devil, according to him.
  • Her gaiety was forced; her words were feigned.
  • But the gaiety of Paris was not for her.

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