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How To Use Gain In A Sentence?

  • The train came down the grade very fast to gain speed for the hill ahead of it.
  • There is no man of letters so much at his ease, sir, as he that has no character to gain or lose.
  • Miss Pat had piqued her fancy and she took a very determined course to gain her point.
  • And this I forgot, for I crept through the bush to gain the water and swim to you.
  • Others attempted to gain a sight of the ghost, but it would not manifest itself, not even to MM.
  • Through dew and exhalation; Ye trip it deftly on the ground, But gain no elevation.
  • You will know better if you first gain a knowledge of what they are, and in what they severally differ from one another.
  • Here was a gain of 33,000 square miles without any statement whatever in explanation of how this additional territory had been acquired.
  • Bert was riding high on the track at the start, and he resolved to make use of this position to gain the lead.
  • Hendrick's horse was shot, and the chief killed with a bayonet as he tried to gain his feet.
  • They imagined this to be the one their brother had brought back from his travels, hoping that it would gain the prize.
  • There is little greed of gain in the night enterprise, and liberty by flight is the first thing resorted to.
  • At length she determined to drive the bargain on her own account, and if she succeeded, to keep all the gain to herself.
  • He was far down on the track, and could not possibly gain a position above the wreckage, and so skirt it in that way.
  • Although no one followed, their caution spurred them into a steady pace that allowed them to gain a good distance with each passing hour.
  • It was the face of a desperado who would stop at nothing, however murderous or cruel, to gain his ends.
  • Her object was to gain a small port about two leagues distant, where she had privately provided a vessel for her escape in case of emergency.
  • He will find the air at high altitudes invigorating, and so he will gain in health as he never could have done by motoring over the solid earth.
  • Science and morals are the whole duty and all needful to man; beyond which he can gain nothing but superstition, error and evil.
  • There might be discord, as each order would want its own wealth and influence, and seek to gain the mastery for its own rules and discipline.
  • No sensible people, with anything to gain or lose, argue about religion," he said.
  • I have not learn'd deception, nor the art To gain with crafty wiles my purposes.
  • He chose three men and sent them forward to gain entrance to the fort and to tell Gansevoort that help was coming.
  • The early Wright machine had to run on a little trolley down a track in order to gain sufficient momentum to take to the air.
  • This officer, thinking the Yankees in full retreat, and that he might gain some honor, pressed the pursuit with vigor.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Gain | Gain Sentence

  • Then we would gain all round.
  • In hope to gain upon her flight.
  • That our growth ceases when we gain our end.
  • For sordid gain desert me in distress!
  • Is party the madness of many for the gain of a few?
  • With how much loss this small gain threatens him.
  • Let me then gain my cause, and now grown old.
  • It would be easy to gain access to the hotel that way.
  • His first object, therefore, was to gain time.
  • Personally I have nothing to gain by serving your party.
  • Have long wished to gain insight into this Science.
  • Who's a-going to gain by that there but the boss?
  • They do not always make fortunes nor gain fame; but they make shrines.
  • In our first steps to gain our wishes, we come upon immovable limitations.
  • There was, however, a big gain at eight o'clock.

Definition of Gain

(obsolete) Straight, direct; near; short. | (obsolete) Suitable; convenient; ready. | (dialectal) Easy; tolerable; handy, dexterous.
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