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  • There was a condition attached to the gaining of the medal.
  • It was hopeless to think of gaining his consent.
  • The Europeans are gaining strength daily.
  • Brant was fast gaining an unsavoury reputation which he but partly merited.
  • He glanced back, and saw to his dismay that they were gaining on him.
  • They roared back at him like the sea under the whip of a gaining wind.
  • The police had thrown down their capes, and were rapidly gaining upon me.
  • Faster and faster he flew, gaining speed with every revolution of the wheels.
  • In vain we struck, lifted, and hauled: the turtle was gaining slowly.

How To Use Gaining In A Sentence?

  • But these half dozen were mounted on the fleetest horses and were gaining on them rapidly.
  • And with each passing moment it was gaining in its power to make itself felt and heard.
  • On gaining the ridge they sank slowly down into the tall grass and disappeared.
  • In all treaty it is a great point that all idea of gaining your agent is hopeless.
  • He would have been confronted with small difficulty in gaining admission to the house.
  • They were gaining so rapidly that it seemed hardly necessary to press their bronchos so hard.
  • Him they fixed upon as their agent, and they found no difficulty in gaining him.
  • On gaining the deck, they were drawn up in line, and the captain and first lieutenant came up.
  • In the mean time a system of French conspiracy is gaining ground in every country.
  • Say," he went on, gaining confidence from the sound of his own voice, "it was like this.
  • I made for the fence as hard as I could, but it outrun me and was gaining on me every jump.
  • This was a new concern, recently chartered by Colorado, which had been quietly gaining power.
  • During the last two or three scenes Gil Huntley had been shown gaining upon her.
  • He felt no gratification at his success in gaining her acquittal which did not spring from the loftiest and most disinterested motives.
  • While the balloon was thus becoming a recognized instrument of war it was likewise gaining in favor among sportsmen.
  • After some trouble they succeeded in gaining advantageous places, and turned their eyes toward the track.
  • The negroes are seven million to-day, and they are increasing in numbers and gaining in wealth and intelligence.
  • Other nations gaining that esteem and gratitude which England should so jealously acquire and guard.
  • The law will rob us of the prospect of laying by a little property, because it will prevent us from gaining any advantage from it.
  • America had re-entered the field of competition, and was rapidly gaining ground so as to be able to bid defiance to the world.
  • Slipping in the clutch, he moved forward with the grim resolve to take long chances for the sake of gaining ground.
  • Revenge, and the hope of gaining the wealth of the hostile merchant, made them yield assent at once to the project of assassination.
  • The rebels are represented as continually gaining victories, but singularly enough the northern armies are always drawing nearer!
  • Years ago a very beautiful young lady went from here to France for the purpose of gaining a knowledge of the country.
  • When the fury of the onslaught died they formed in column and went forward, gaining furlongs at a time while their enemy watched them and wondered.
  • Lloyd turned his head for an instant and saw the small hermaphrodite army, in hot pursuit, gaining ground with every second that expired.
  • We were living in a wretched little house in Kingsbridge, the drink was gaining on me every day, and things got worse and worse.
  • Cade had been hiding at Newick Farm; gaining confidence he came out for a game of bowls and met his end while playing.
  • For the last few months, however, as I have said, it had been growing aright, and gaining strength and vigour.
  • Dear Susie is much better than for a year past, and gaining strength daily, and I am as well as possible.
  • Although these operating systems make computers easier to use in some ways, they prevent users from gaining access or command over its more intricate processes.

Definition of Gaining

present participle of gain | Gain; profit.
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