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  • No dog comes them games on me.
  • I played games on the decks of the ships ...
  • You'll play none of your games on me!
  • There's nothin' like tryin' these games on yourself!
  • Ain't I kept out of the poker games on his account?
  • Don't come none of them games on me, Thirkle.
  • fain to display thy games on length of thy town-bridge!
  • You can't come any of your high-flyers' games on me--
  • Don't try any of your infernal monkey games on me, or you might get hurt."
  • And who would play Hallowe'en games on a cold night like this?"
  • "It makes us feel that we've earned our games on it.
  • "See here, you shan't try any of your games on that lady!"
  • "Sher'f, you can't come no gum games on _

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  • The common people sang or played games on the highways and feasted on the village greens.
  • He was willing, however, to give it for the games on condition that he should be permitted to enter the list of competitors.
  • The date stones are used by the Arab children in playing checkers and other games on the smooth sand.
  • There were no games on the greensward, no swimming in the river, no excursion to the Malvern cherry groves.
  • He is preparing games on a most magnificent scale, at a cost, I assure you, that no one has ever exceeded.
  • But when he begins putting up games on the men, that's another matter, and I don't propose to stand it.
  • The children were playing games on the lawn, but all ceased and came running to Grace as she stepped out upon the veranda and called in musical tones to her little sister and brother.
  • The inveterate gambling propensities of the people find vent also at dominoes, cards, checkers, and chess in the bar-rooms, every marble table being in requisition for the purpose of the games on Sundays.
  • One could imagine baseball games on Mars, and make the matter realistic; but Philbin's imaginings dealt in palpable absurdities.
  • The lonely ash and sturdy briar vegetate over the ashes of barons and prelates; and the unfeeling peasants intrude their rustic games on the holy place, ignorant of its former importance, and unconscious of the poetical feeling which its remains inspire.
  • Saturday afternoon walks, when there were no special games on hand, became an institution among what may be called Jack Simpson's set at Stokebridge.
  • The horses of Agrigentum were celebrated; and one of the citizens returning from the Olympic games, on entering his native town, was followed by three hundred chariots, each drawn by four white horses sumptuously caparisoned.
  • For instance, finding it impossible to enforce the laws against playing games on Sundays, the Government had concluded that the only way to make the Sabbath utterly immaculate was to abolish it altogether, which was done.
  • Often instead of playing games on land with her mates she would beguile some old fisherman to take her out in his fishing dory, and eagerly help him make his hauls, and by the time she was fourteen years old she was an expert in handling the oars, and as tireless a swimmer as could be found in all Newport.
  • No reliance for bread and games on the government, no clanship, no patriarchal style of living by the revenues of a chief, no marrying-on,--no system of clientship suits them; but every man must pay his scot.
  • You know all about the rest of the games, which hadn't even that amount of charm which games on a moderate scale generally have: for the spectacle was so elaborate as to leave no room for cheerful enjoyment, and I think you need feel no regret at having missed it.
  • When they came back for their holidays they were noted chiefly for being the most noisy, wild, and worst mannered lads in the place, especially held in dread by Miss Pemberton, who had frequently rebuked them when she saw them playing games on a Sunday in the village, and had received rude answers in return.
  • He heard the far-away roll and rumble of voices coming from the gambling-tents; the high-tenor invitation of the barkers outside questionable shows; the bawl of street-gamblers, who had all manner of devices, from ring-pitching to shell-games on folding tables, which they could pick up in a twinkling and run away with when their dupes began to threaten and rough them up; the clear soprano of the singer, who wore long skirts and sang chaste songs, in the vaudeville tent down by the station.
  • It was also in his quality of supreme pontiff that Constantine instituted, soon after his accession, the Francic games, for the commemoration of his victory over the Franks, and which were celebrated, during a considerable time, on the 18th of the kalends of August; and, in 321, the Sarmatic games, on the occasion of his victory over the Sarmatians, and celebrated on the 6th of the same month.
  • He'd opened a box of games on the table where rested his elbow, and taking out some packs of cards he had mechanically begun to play "Patience"--a characteristic protest of the spirit against dull discussions of business, even his own.
  • "A bomb, yes ... it will be a bomb of sorts ... but I warn you you shan't play games on Sunday any more.
  • what are they, in sober fact, but gladiatorial murder-games on a great scale,--human imitations of bull-fights, at which Satan sits as grand alguazil and master of ceremonies?
  • I write this on the 24th of October, the day of the opening of the games, on the point of starting for my Tusculan villa, and taking my dear young Cicero with me as though to school (a school not for sport, but for learning), since I did not wish to be at any greater distance from town, because I purposed supporting Pomptinus's[649] claim of a triumph on the 3rd of November.
  • "If they try any games on the women, I mean to shoot them all three with my own hand, and then we'll die with our minds easy."
  • for a couple of pins I'll take you by the scruff of your necks and walk you back myself, if you come any of your games on me."
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