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  • Over went the gander and a goose.
  • The gander said never a word.
  • Let every goose a gander choose.
  • Always great gander among the ladies.
  • How could you git our old gander up on a pedestal?
  • Then once more the blue gander spoke to the goose girl.
  • I see, this must be the gander that toddles in front.
  • Goosey Gander was harnessed now.
  • Why, what a little gander you are, Dick!
  • For the Gander as well as the Goose.
  • Goosey Gander 13 IV.
  • The thirteenth, is the Gander and Water-Wagtail.
  • The male is given the specific name of gander to distinguish it from goose.
  • Psst, Bud, wanna take a gander at some lewd sand sculpture?
  • Egyptian Gander and Sebastapol Goose 149 51.
  • The girl led Goosey Gander out of the Paddock into the field at the back.

How To Use Gander In A Sentence?

  • She took a long branch and beat the gander until he hid from sight in the bushes.
  • It called the blue gander all manner of tender names and vowed he was handsome and knowing.
  • The gander also has a shriller cry than the goose whose cry consists of a harsher sound.
  • Miss Whiffle selected the aged gander for me, and I gnawed its sinewy limbs without a protest.
  • G for Goosey Gander who wandered upstairs, And met the old man who objected to prayers.
  • The gander took his mate's part, and fought over and over again with the enemy.
  • This test is more easily made on a mature than on an immature gander and is also easier to make during warm than during cold weather.
  • It is produced by using the Wild or Canadian gander upon Toulouse, African or Embden geese.
  • The mongrel geese much resemble the wild gander in type and color and are in demand on the market because of their wild or gamy flavor.
  • Happily, in this world of ours, the ugliest little goose generally finds some honest gander to admire her.
  • Viewing the goose as the type of woman, and the gander as the type of man, no adage could be more preposterous or untenable.
  • The weathercock did not reply, and the gander did not wait, but flew away with his two passengers safely sitting on his back.
  • She seized the large blue gander and plucked a fine quill from under his wing, but no sooner had she done so than the bird began to speak.
  • The gander is generally slightly larger and coarser than the goose, with a longer, thicker neck and larger head.
  • Then, again, the great, grey gander is, for some mysterious reason, out of favour with the entire family.
  • Goosey Gander stood stripped of everything but his bridle, with dark flanks and lowered head reaching at his bit.
  • By adult goose or gander is meant a bird which is over one year old, by young goose or gander is meant a bird which is less than one year.
  • No doubt, when they are dead, goose and gander are alike, even in the way they are dressed, and there is no superiority on the part of either.
  • In the Chinese geese a somewhat larger mating can be employed, one gander being used with 4 to 6 geese.
  • The huge gander last fired at had hardly gone a hundred yards, ere, despite his endeavors, he had lowered several feet below the flock.
  • Therefore my judgment is that Crafticus did know that Awkwardibus the gander was mine, for it was green and nothing else all the time.
  • The slope was with them; and Goosey Gander made his own pace, slipping along with smooth and easy stride.
  • Goose and gander have lost their primitive conception of an individual and independent career, and are never happy unless they are permitted to go in pairs.
  • Where the wild gander is mated with light colored or white geese the offspring will have more or less light colored feathers and will not as closely resemble the wild parent and for this reason are not as desirable.

Definition of Gander

(dialectal, intransitive) ramble, wander | A male goose. | A fool, simpleton.
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