Gaps In A Sentence

How To Use Gaps In A Sentence?

  • If low clouds are about and he can only see through the gaps he is not very troublesome.
  • But she could not live in constant association with him without having these gaps filled.
  • And in the thick of a busy season he turned stonemason and filled up the gaps in the wall.
  • It is not surprising that the life we led left many gaps which it was hard to fill.
  • Few are the family circles which do not show gaps and vacant places as years pass away.
  • If ultimately she is cast out and overthrown, she can stretch a finger at gaps in our ranks.
  • They had been held back all this time, and had left noticeable gaps in the context.
  • My company is almost complete, but there are still some important gaps to fill.
  • Subjected to scientific scrutiny the whole tale presents many gaps in logical sequence.
  • It was just gossip from a drunken scamp, but it filled several gaps in the book.
  • A couple of snares are set in gaps in an old thorn fence not more than a yard apart.
  • In this history there are still many gaps to be filled up, many errors to be rectified.
  • As fast as the gaps were made in the ranks of the enemy, they were filled up by fresh men.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Gaps | Gaps Sentence

  • Damn these gaps in my memory!
  • One can imagine from this what gaps they made.
  • There are gaps which my memory cannot fill.
  • But they have some gaps which nothing else can fill.
  • Long gaps are cut in its broken surface.
  • In horseflesh and equipments the gaps were appalling.
  • Short gaps began to appear between the animals.
  • But there were yawning gaps in her newspaper experience.
  • For she backs through the gaps does my little brown mare.
  • Some of the new stuff will plug the gaps in the perimeter.
  • This helped to fill the gaps left by the lack of fodder.
  • Connie then told her story, with many gaps and pauses.
  • Great gaps appeared in the German lines.
  • You must fill in the gaps which I leave for yourself.
  • Evolution: Gaps in; conclusion.
  • Don't allow no gaps between you.
  • And then there were the irreparable gaps that could not be filled.
  • Was it not rather that they embraced those gaps of science not yet understood?
  • By this means he caused large gaps to be made in the ranks of the enemy.
  • There are vast gaps in the middle, where they ought to be densest.
  • They don't cover all the darkness; there are gaps between.
  • To fill the gaps with paintings of this epoch would make for incongruity.
  • A few men fell, but the gaps were at once filled by the circle shortening in.
  • And far from being filled, these gaps are becoming wider day by day.
  • Kipps undressed with great deliberation, and with vast gaps of pensive margin.
  • They were to carry 6-feet tubes full of ammonal for blowing gaps in the wire.
  • The gaps in his Parliamentary life were occupied by travelling.

Definition of Gaps

Third-person singular simple present indicative form of gap | plural of gap
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