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  • A flood of garish light filled the apartment.
  • Oh, the garish years," she wailed, "since then!
  • Pulz had brought some extraordinary garish detective stories.
  • Had those waxen murderers in the garish vault lived ordinary lives as well?
  • The dancing, garish firelight made the sense of desolation acute.
  • The shoulders beneath the garish plaid rose and fell, pitifully.
  • But Cannes is less garish than Nice in buildings and in people.
  • As well call the garish new building on the embankment Sion College.
  • I loved the garish day, and, spite of fears, Pride ruled my will.
  • So, about nine o'clock, he strolled into the huge, garish music-hall.

How To Use Garish In A Sentence?

  • Even in the garish day she was pretty, but in that enchanting dimness she was wildly beautiful.
  • The garish brick villas of the head of the gulf are excrescences in their lovely garden setting.
  • They were decorated affairs with huge heads of complicated workmanship set with garish stones.
  • It slumbers in genteel decorum, with its back to the garish modern thoroughfare.
  • Green flame thrust out tiny rootlets that crawled over it, outlining it in garish light.
  • For what garish purpose could she want to use bunches of roses cut out of chintz curtains?
  • A garish and perilous stage it was, whereon Innocence plays a part as sorry as it is brief.
  • It could no more survive in the garish light of a city day than little Nella-Rose could have.
  • I loved the garish days, and, spite of fears, Pride ruled my will: remember not past years.
  • Before he had reached any of his garish haunts he had felt such an utter distaste for them in his present mood that he returned.
  • He wondered where it led, and how long it wandered through the dim shadow before it came out again into the garish brilliancy.
  • He rose and strolled round the plaza until he met her again face to face where a stream of garish light fell upon them both.
  • Roger sat up sleepily blinking against the garish rays of the rising sun, and conscious of an indefinite sense of discomfort.
  • Its members were pointed out and gazed upon, until one realised one was standing in the garish light of fame.
  • Of comparatively recent date is the remodelling that has converted the old stables into quaint, if somewhat garish artist studios.
  • Their rooms were cheerful and clean, so she could excuse the brand-new, shiny oak furniture and the garish brass beds.
  • My precious pearl the false and glittering world Has ne'er polluted with, its garish light!
  • And suddenly it became a land of high noon, garish and crude, but wide-awake and striving with all the tireless energy of young blood.
  • The usual display of bunting, cheap but cheerful, hung as banners from the joists, a garish vista from platform to counter.
  • Into the garish and vulgarly ostentatious reception-room a pale, sweet slip of a girl drifted, with big eyes shining with joy of her home-coming.
  • The fishing village, at the extreme end of Alicante, is beautiful with its small primitive cubic houses painted in garish patterns.
  • Rise, morning, rise, for those believing souls Who seek completion in day's garish light.
  • He disdains ties, and commonly wears Hawaiian shirts and tropical prints, not so much garish as simply cheerful and just that little bit anomalous.
  • And he will make the face of heaven so bright That all the world will be in love with night, And pay no worship to the garish sun.
  • He told himself that coming from that yelling confusion inside, and the glare of those garish lamps, he was stupefied by the great silence of the night.
  • His verses as poetry are utterly valueless, but as garish pictures of a day that is passed they will always be interesting, if somewhat painful reading.
  • Papers that are garish and discordant in themselves, if skilfully handled, can produce harmonious effects, for it is often the unusual wall hangings that attract most.
  • The garish brilliancy touched their pallid faces, and the harsh murmur of their voices came up hollowly between the tall houses with the reek of gas fumes and other confused odours.
  • It can set so clearly the final objective of character that even children shall see that life has higher ends than money-making and the family greater purposes than garish social display.
  • She had seen but little of the world of late, had been content to view events through coloured glasses, and the hasty glimpse of garish daylight which had just flashed out saddened and shocked her.

Definition of Garish

Overly ostentatious; so colourful as to be in bad taste.
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