Garrison In A Sentence

Definition of Garrison

To assign troops to a military post. | To convert into a military fort. | To occupy with troops.

How To Use Garrison In A Sentence?

  • The drums beat to arms; the garrison took their posts.
  • Nor is Edinburgh garrison singular.
  • The French garrison had got the range.
  • Douglas summoned the Irish garrison to surrender.
  • Bodies of the devoted Ottoman garrison lay in heaps.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Garrison | Garrison Sentence

  • The whole garrison was alarmed.
  • It has a garrison of 500 troops.
  • Place cleared out for garrison quarters.
  • The garrison were now completely disheartened.
  • Sepoys of the garrison to be set free.
  • The garrison seemed to be doomed.
  • The garrison made its sortie.
  • Soldiers of the garrison to be prisoners of war.
  • Only 1600 were left of a garrison of 4000.
  • Jack instantly called the garrison to arms.
  • The garrison urged the governor to surrender.
  • Richmond had no garrison to resist a determined attack.
  • The chief officers of the garrison were present.
  • The high spirit of the garrison had fallen.
  • The little garrison was weakened by half its strength.
  • The garrison contains some nine hundred inhabitants.
  • They afterwards established a garrison near the town.
  • The garrison fled into the bomb-proofs for protection.
  • Of the garrison 27 were killed and 58 wounded.
  • He then decided to make the garrison capitulate by famine.
  • The garrison was composed of two hundred soldiers.
  • The garrison shut the gates and returned the fire.
  • He said the garrison consisted of about 20,000 men.
  • I never miss a chance of admiring the garrison at parade.
  • The military garrison was summoned to prayers twice a day.
  • Do they heed us a-dying in garrison life?
  • Ceuta contains a garrison of two or three thousand men.
  • Peril from two men, and we a garrison of over twenty?
  • He then chose a garrison by lot, and divided the stores.
  • Of the garrison four were killed, and three wounded.
  • The garrison have retreated to the Residency.
  • If a garrison wants to buy food, not a bit will they sell.
  • The garrison of Tokar surrendered.
  • For Garrison grew more and more outspoken.

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