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  • The very garrisoning of the country would absorb tremendous armies.
  • Besides which, the foreign seamen were not adapted to garrisoning a town.
  • After garrisoning these places the Earl returned to England.

How To Use Garrisoning In A Sentence?

  • William, by garrisoning the towns of which he took possession, had reduced his forces to about twenty thousand men.
  • The post at Dueidar was an isolated detachment garrisoning an oasis in which the Bedouin were in the habit of holding a weekly market.
  • The troops concentrated on the right bank of the Volturno amounted to 35,000, with 6000 garrisoning Capua.
  • This fortress had been completed since the peace, and we found the 12th regiment of the line garrisoning it; but little of the pomp and circumstance of warlike preparation was visible on its ramparts.
  • At last it grew a regular siege and blockade; but by garrisoning it with horse and foot literally, and calling in several regiments, the tumult is appeased.

Definition of Garrisoning

present participle of garrison
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