Gasp In A Sentence

How To Use Gasp In A Sentence?

  • Jane opened it eagerly, then gave a gasp and an exclamation of delighted surprise.
  • There was a great gasp the same instant, as the whole crowd caught its breath all together.
  • With a gasp of surprise the Girl went over and looked at herself in the mirror.
  • He heard her gasp in surprise, and her moan went into his heart like a ragged knife.
  • Uncle Amos appeared to gasp with the mighty effort this long speech had cost him.
  • He said no more, for with a little gasp Juanita sank into a heap upon the floor.
  • But deeper far was the breath that Greeba drew, for it seemed to be the last gasp of her heart.
  • A sort of gasp went around the table, and then a shout of laughter, led by Stirling.
  • Or is it, as with us, unresting strife, And each consent a lucky gasp for life?
  • She blushed again, upon my soul she did, and I heard Williams gasp in astonishment.
  • But she did fight down the wild hysteria of her repugnance so that her voice was not the trembling gasp it wanted to be.
  • With a gasp of astonishment the young man struck a sputtering match and bent down waving it before him.
  • But a more marvelous phenomenon quickly made its appearance, causing them to gasp with astonishment.
  • She said all this rapidly in one breath and at the end had a sort of anxious gasp which gave me the opportunity to voice my surprise.
  • It was a kind of gasp or catching of the breath; but he heard it, and turned sharply round to face her.
  • I could only gasp for air, and retain sufficient power over my limbs to guide my steps to my melancholy dwelling.
  • There was a gasp of wonder at his appearance, and the men who were still awake sprang to their feet with their hands on their pistol butts.
  • The boy felt a sudden tightening of the muscles beneath the heavy mackinaw, and the quick gasp of an indrawn breath.
  • The sullen shades of night soon overspread the whole hemisphere, and the earth seemed to gasp after the hovering moisture.
  • A sort of gasp went through the silent crowd of onlookers, hanging on the police officer's words.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Gasp | Gasp Sentence

  • A gasp of relief went up as he appeared.
  • There was the groan of wounded and the gasp of dying.
  • I gave a little indrawn gasp and turned about.
  • A gasp of horror went round the table.
  • A gasp of astonishment came from the watching sophomores.
  • With a little frightened gasp she began to run.
  • Where Joy would gasp in mortal strife.
  • The sum that Keith mentioned made him gasp yet more.
  • A gasp from Carrie caused Grace to look at her.
  • Occasionally he heard her gasp and sputter as a wave washed over her face.
  • She drew back into her chair with a gasp of surprise and a look of alarm.
  • And here it is as he murmured it, but with a gasp for every full-stop.
  • Peter struck a match, and a gasp of horror came from his lips.
  • He knocked again, and she heard him give a strange little gasp of surprise.
  • He let out an exasperated gasp as he stood up, half hunched-over.
  • She gave a sharp, quick gasp of intelligence, and was silent.
  • Mr. Chittenden could only gasp his astonishment, then he commenced laughing.
  • VI Gusterson sucked in such a big gasp that he hiccuped.
  • And I, who have been to the opera in the evening, gasp and remark, Really!
  • Then, with a little gasp she clutched at her companion's arm.

Definition of Gasp

(intransitive) To draw in the breath suddenly, as if from a shock. | (intransitive) To breathe laboriously or convulsively. | (transitive) To speak in a breathless manner.
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