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  • Joan handled them all with gasps of reverence.
  • Why these despairing gasps of the dying?
  • I could hear gasps in the audience.
  • Her words became snarled under her gasps of breath.
  • Together they drew back with gasps of surprise and anger.
  • Those loud hoarse gasps . . .
  • But the weasel gave three gasps and fell back quite dead.
  • But the other shrunk away from it with little gasps and cries.
  • Now and then as we passed we could hear little gasps of happiness.
  • These words were sobbed forth in broken gasps from the depth of his heart.
  • The one more was longer and stronger, and turned the gasps into semi-groans.
  • A moment later his eyes closed; the gasps became slower and slower.
  • On a hot night in the summer time Tottenham gasps in the streets.
  • Fortunato's sobs and gasps redoubled as Falcone kept his lynx-eyes upon him.

How To Use Gasps In A Sentence?

  • His breath came in gasps and cold drops of perspiration were visible upon his forehead.
  • She got up slowly and with little tentative gasps and cries stamped her prickled feet.
  • She reads it and, as she does, gasps quickly with an exclamation of fear and surprise.
  • The men were silent, except for the occasional gasps which came from their laboring lungs.
  • The pressure almost finished me, but a few gasps cleared my lungs of water, and that helped some.
  • Imitating him, she stood leaning on her sword, making futile gasps after her lost breath.
  • One gasps in reading of a pirate who descended on Capri with a fleet of 150 sail!
  • A chorus of breathless gasps and frightened screams came from the crowd but Polly heard them not.
  • She spoke in short gasps that were strangely like sobs, but Julie ignored them.
  • Pinkey's breath was coming in gasps and his colour had faded with the terrible jar of it all.
  • His shouts for help were choked gasps and the strength he had put forth in the beginning of the struggle was waning.
  • He saw that her breath came and went in short quick gasps and that in her strained eyes was the light of unshed tears.
  • As her breath began to come in gasps she was half tempted to stop and let the other two girls give the alarm.
  • He heard the grunting and gasps of his own warriors and the clash of bodies and weapons around him....
  • The reply, uttered in gasps and jerks of terror and with spasmodic sobs filled me in my turn with consternation.
  • Our visitor was so excited that he could hardly articulate, but at last in gasps and bursts his tragic story came out of him.
  • Her eyes were shining, her cheeks were crimson and her breath coming in kind of broken gasps as though she were frightened.
  • The poor girl was sitting up, clutching her stomach and rocking back and forth and fighting for her breath with gasps and crows.
  • Sharp gasps came from beneath the flung-up left arm, through teeth that were clenched over a white jersey sleeve.
  • About them, bowed figures that breathed in stertorous gasps grappled desperately with the grinding, smashing timber.
  • Here he sat, smiling maliciously, as the poor impresario mopped his forehead and fetched up deep gasps of breath.
  • Gradually, as he spoke, his arms had clasped round her, his passionate whispers came in short gasps to her ear.
  • The young faces are all hot and streaming, quick breaths come in short, panting gasps from these young chests.
  • Wild, inarticulate screams of rage attested the delivery of the blows; groans, grunts and gasps their receipt.
  • The crowd in the medicine lodge now pressed forward, uttering short gasps of excitement, but the guards kept them back from the ropes.
  • An inarticulate sob of relief broke from Marta's throat, followed by quick gasps of breath.

Definition of Gasps

Third-person singular simple present indicative form of gasp | plural of gasp
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