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How To Use Gathered At In A Sentence?

  • After the sails were on her we gathered at the starboard rail to watch the shore.
  • Diplomacy had not been one of the gifts the fairies gave her when they gathered at her cradle.
  • It had even its casino, this dining-car in which we were gathered at the moment.
  • The wolf squatted at her right hand and the kittens and chipmunks gathered at her left.
  • The congregation was gathered at the west end, which had been hastily fitted up.
  • The usual crowd of rustics had gathered at the depot to see the train come in and depart.
  • A curious crowd had gathered at a short distance, for their story had gone the rounds.
  • When the next night came, the chiefs and the braves gathered at the lodge just about dark.
  • The tree flowers all the year through, and the fruit is gathered at four different periods.
  • He is soon joined by another, and another, until a swarm has gathered at the feast.
  • To judge by the voices, a large number of men must have gathered at some point not far ahead.
  • So, betimes, the men of the community gathered at the hotel to await the marriage ceremony.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Gathered At | Gathered At Sentence

  • A crowd gathered at once.
  • The party gathered at the entrance.
  • At the appointed hour we were all gathered at the depot.
  • The brokers had gathered at their respective temples.
  • Groups of women gathered at this or that gallery front.
  • But take the leaflets gathered at your side.
  • Indians and troops were gathered at the north of the camp.
  • Children swarmed the street and gathered at corners.
  • We have lived on cocoanuts gathered at night.
  • The last was a mere pursuing party, gathered at random.
  • They gathered at the Old Ship and took off.
  • Soon a company of two score or more had gathered at the farmhouse.
  • The crowd that had gathered at the scene of the crime had not been large.
  • The banana is gathered at three different stages of its growth.
  • When they gathered at the scene of the explosion, the detective was not there.
  • There must have been from twenty-five to forty people gathered at the ranch.
  • Before an immense open fireplace a group of people were gathered at tea.
  • He was thus slain by a miracle and his bones lie gathered at this spot.
  • I reached the farm, and the women gathered at once round me.
  • And one day a small company gathered at the practice hour to see him do it.
  • We gathered at the opened window, looking down at a striking spectacle.
  • We found them all gathered at the windows, watching the eclipse of the moon.
  • At that instant the poker game broke up, and the men gathered at the bar.
  • This good news spread rapidly, and all soon gathered at the little streamlet.
  • The grape harvest was being gathered at Kasvin as we passed through.
  • A fact gathered at hazard, without criticism, cannot establish a law.
  • A fact gathered at random, without criticism, cannot establish a law.
  • In 1519 these three men gathered at Leipzig for a public disputation.
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