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  • There were to be informal gatherings in different rooms.
  • He loved these lively gatherings of the summer time.
  • Festive gatherings in the old studio....
  • There were festive gatherings at Loreng.
  • Her dinners and gatherings were a very important feature in their scheme.
  • His services at such gatherings paid for his food and lodging.
  • From the gatherings of friends he felt himself invariably the one shut out.
  • In it were held public gatherings of social and political nature.
  • I must go to one of your blessed gatherings before my enemies are on my track.
  • Even gatherings of the clergy, however, are not without their abuses.
  • Can't stand these gatherings of nuts in May as a general rule.

How To Use Gatherings In A Sentence?

  • Bitter accusations and recriminations at public meetings and private gatherings followed.
  • Tumultuous gatherings of famishing men and women menaced the unfortunate grain-dealers.
  • Religious gatherings of women are seldom other than of good temper, and quiet in their tone.
  • Grace in large gatherings often seems an uncovering of the sacred aspects of the home life.
  • That meeting was the last of the Platonian gatherings that might be called personally conducted.
  • Such family gatherings were frequent, making the Alamar house very gay and pleasant.
  • These gatherings were so successful that similar societies were organized in other portions of the country.
  • Even various styles of outing suits are allowable in some of the informal gatherings at summer resorts.
  • The experience of the earlier gatherings had demonstrated that political issues would have to be excluded from consideration.
  • When there were any social gatherings where they were invited, he was by tacit consent considered as her proper and accepted escort.
  • Those gatherings grew with increasing popularity, until they became one of the most favorite classes of amusement.
  • He took all the treatments the local sanatoria afforded, but he avoided carefully all the colonies and other gatherings of the tubercular.
  • A great many afternoon teas, and small social gatherings were given during the next few days in his honor.
  • Business suits should never be worn to an evening party in the city, though in small country gatherings they might be permissible.
  • The darkies would hold gatherings of this kind at the homes of individuals or members, and engage in singing their favorite songs.
  • There were no merry, laughing, chattering gatherings of black faces and white teeth, such as we hear about.
  • He was constantly in demand at colleges and universities, great educational meetings, and gatherings of a civic or public character.
  • She regularly attended the Sunday services, the prayer meetings, and the other gatherings of the church.
  • In the same way the Wiimbaio tribal gatherings were accompanied by regulated promiscuity, the class rules being the only limitation.
  • Now, when weather permits, there are weekly gatherings for variety races, tent-pegging, and paper-chases.
  • These gatherings had been organised by Margaret as the outcome of a discussion at the Baileys'.
  • At many gatherings a special table is supplied for the gentlemen, where soda-water, claret cup, and sometimes wines are served.
  • I thought at first I should have to build a place to hold our gatherings in; the home kitchen was not a quarter large enough.
  • Within a fortnight afterwards resolutions of a similar character were passed by small gatherings in other parts of the Home District.
  • This was besides the carriage-drives, Exposition, and evening gatherings (walking to same included).
  • New holidays were not quickly evolved, and the sober gatherings for matters of Church and State for a time took their place.
  • His face was seldom to be seen at the meetings of scientific societies, or at those gatherings where the discoveries of science are expounded to more popular audiences.
  • Although he understood well enough that most of the attentions paid him had an interested motive, he enjoyed the sense of leadership which these gatherings gave him.
  • When I think of the Socialists there comes a vivid memory of certain evening gatherings at our house....

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plural of gathering
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