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  • With luck they got off late in the afternoon, and made ten or twelve miles to Gatun.
  • The famous Gatun Dam is merely a dyke at the end of the lake and the marvelous spillway is only a picturesque waterfall in the middle of a dam.
  • But why should it be less difficult or a declaration of impotency on the part of our engineers to build a safe lock canal including a satisfactory and safe controlling dam at Gatun?
  • Reference is made in the report to the probable value of the land which will be inundated under the lock-canal project with a dam at Gatun, the value of which has been placed at approximately $300,000.
  • Culebra Cut looks like the Hudson palisades, and Gatun Lake is like any other beautiful inland sea in a rolling country.
  • From Colon to Panama, from the Gatun Dam to the Miraflores Locks, they had gone over every foot of ground and water.
  • They saw again the struggle in the library; the fight for life in the sinking boat in the Caribbean Sea; the rescue by the submarine and the cutting of the wires that led to the mined gate of the Gatun Locks.
  • There are now about 900 persons employed on the Panama Railroad, and the track to Gatun, a distance of twenty-six miles, will be ready for the locomotive by the 1st of July next.
  • But the work proceeded, and after interminable troubles with the black swamp between Aspinwall (Colon) and Gatun, the road was finished as far as Gatun in the year 1850.
  • Mr. Frederick P. Stearns, the foremost American authority on earth-dam construction, gave evidence regarding the safety of the proposed dams at Gatun and other points.
  • He goes into the facts of the proposed great dam to be constructed at Gatun and points out that such construction is not experimental, but sustained by large American experience, which is larger, perhaps, than that of any other country in the world.
  • There is not an American engineer of ability, nor an American contractor of experience, who would not undertake to build the proposed dam at Gatun and guarantee its safety and permanency without any hesitation whatever.
  • They say that the proposed flight of three locks at Gatun would be objectionable and unsafe, but we have the evidence of American engineers of the highest standing, whose reputations are at stake, who are absolutely confident that these locks can be constructed and operated with entire safety.
  • He had succeeded at Suez, but that was a farmer's ditch beside the Culebra Cut and the Gatun Dam, and the famous engineer was a very old man when he began on the Panama project.
  • The majority of the Senate committee object to the proposed dam at Gatun, and say that-- Earth dams founded on the drift and silt of ages, through which water habitually percolates, to be increased by the pressure of the 85-foot lock when made, have been referred to by many of our technical advisers as another element of danger.
  • " The site referred to was Gatun, and this was written in 1880, when the sea-level project had full sway.
  • 217 Gatun Spillway, Key to the Canal 224 Cristobal Streets
  • 227 Fat Cattle of Cocle 228 Enchanted Islands in Gatun Lake 231 Panama Public Water Works, Interior Country
  • 40-41, 44-45 negotiates treaty with Californians, 42 appointed Governor of California, 42 asks permission to form expedition against Mexico, 43-44 court-martialed and dismissed from service, 44 Gatun in 1849, 100-01

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  • The Gatun dam along its crest is 8,000 feet long.
  • Gatun was a collection of bamboo huts, inhabited mainly by fleas.
  • He reaffirmed his views favoring a lock canal with a dam at Gatun.
  • The Gatun Dam alone may be classed as one of the world's greatest achievements.
  • Here 103 Dead Timber in Gatun Lake
  • [Illustration: DEAD TIMBER IN GATUN LAKE
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