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  • A gaunt whisper in the silence.
  • The man was gaunt and emaciated.
  • Both men were gaunt and weakened by famine.
  • It was now seen to be that of a tall, gaunt woman.
  • Behind him lay a dark gaunt form extended on the ground.
  • Out of the mist there arose a tall, gaunt specter.
  • But her soul was bony, and at the base of her was a vanity gaunt and greedy!
  • But one gaunt long-limbed creature disdained to stop for such a matter.
  • His shaggy hair was heavy and black, his face was gaunt and wild.
  • His face was gaunt and weather-beaten, his eyes glazed and dull.
  • No one but a gaunt heron objected to our fishing, and we made a splendid haul.
  • What strange end to fun'ral pile, Thus in Death's gaunt face to smile!

How To Use Gaunt In A Sentence?

  • From one hundred and fifty pounds weight she was reduced to a gaunt skeleton.
  • So they entered the drive and walked up among the gaunt black trees towards the house.
  • He was a tall, gaunt mountaineer, and his face showed that he was both cunning and crafty.
  • But no; the gaunt house-front kept its secret too well; they were merely the waits.
  • His long cloak whirled in the blast; it flogged his gaunt limbs all set to intense action.
  • I think it grew to be a horror to her to see him, gaunt and exhausted, in the west room.
  • The commodore knew it, and sat with bowed head in his gaunt arms, wondering, wondering.
  • The oxen had trekked almost incessantly for two days and nights, and were gaunt and wild with thirst.
  • Josh looked after the gaunt old figure with much doubt and a vague indignation: for such a view was foreign to his understanding.
  • Peter arose hastily from bed, and examined a pale and gaunt countenance in the small mirror above the wash-stand.
  • His little body trembled with childish rage; he never took his gaze from the face of the gaunt traducer.
  • I hate to go to sleep and leave it burning, for he sits up so late and he is so gaunt and thin and tired-looking most times.
  • Our home was roughly adorned in fur and feather, and a number of gaunt lurchers always constituted part of the family.
  • Behind its shabby fronts are long drawing-rooms with tarnished glass chandeliers and frescoed ceilings and gaunt windows with inside blinds.
  • The figure gathered itself together at her voice, and stood in an angle of the buttresses quaking and shielding its eyes with two gaunt arms.
  • The land seemed to be a replica of seaward islands; a fast-running tidal stream passed due east between two gaunt promontories.
  • He looked behind him in time to see a gaunt face, lighted by the dim glow of a shop window, bob out of sight into a doorway.
  • Near the opening, looking down as if into the valley below, stood the tall, gaunt figure of a man, thin-shouldered and stooped.
  • There, upon a miserable pallet, lay a gaunt and crippled form, partly concealed by a ragged blanket which was drawn over his head.
  • Here the gaunt cliffs rise to great wild gardens, draped with soft rose and poignant red amid drowsy undertones of gray and green and gold.
  • He was on his feet, a gaunt demon, his back to the enemy, calling to his men to follow him as he moved toward the stubborn row of green and red.
  • But she recovered herself and went on, still gazing intently at Tressady, her gaunt hand raised as though for attention.
  • The new-comer was tall and gaunt and thin; her shoulders sloped, she stooped, her chin was up in the air, and she peered through spectacles.
  • The statue of John o' Gaunt above the archway is modern, having been placed there only in 1822.
  • But this was not until 1403, when John o' Gaunt had been in his grave nearly four years.
  • And now it would be long to tell of the trials of that passage over those gaunt solitudes, where there was no fingerpost or mark of other human travellers.
  • Tall, gaunt figure; veil falls in long folds to knee, right arm close to side, left hand holds cord.
  • Even the yellow light of the lantern failed to disguise the pale, gaunt features of Tom Cherry and his men.

Definition of Gaunt

lean, angular, and bony | haggard, drawn, and emaciated | bleak, barren, and desolate
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